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At Wade’s Warehouse we know having a fan merchandise section and not including Star Wars is a bit strange. In fact it should even include a lengthy prison stretch where Star Wars fans rule the yard and serve out their own form of justice, maybe in costume.

Needless to say we have a huge range of Star Wars items that should keep any fan a happy shopper.

Check out some of our popular products below.

Star Wars Stickers

Star Wars Stickers

If you are the ultimate Star Wars fan then declare that love wherever you can. Star Wars stickers have proven popular over the years. People use them on books, walls and various other places to prove their allegiance to the force – or dark side, depending one ones moral skew.

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda

Never since ET has an alien figure proven to have so much star power, well Baby Groot might be up there too. He is cute, and his destiny is one of popular legend. True Star Wars collectors will want Baby Yoda in their collection.

Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars Action Figure

They were a force in the 1970s, and even today Star Wars Action Figures have shown no signs of slowing down in the world of popular culture. Battle them in your room, or just decorate it with many different action figures from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars Costumes

Why just watch the Star Wars movies when you can look like you belong in one, while even brandishing a light saber . With the advent of Cos Play and conventions, this is a genre that have soared in the past decade. Maybe you want to dress up for Halloween, or maybe it’s for your eyes only – be your favorite Star Wars Character today.

Star Wars Key Chains

Star Wars Key Chain

A Star Wars key chain serves two purposes, it shows your love for the franchise, and also keeps your keys and things together. Let the force help you unlock that car door.

Wade’s Warehouse has a massive range of Star Wars products, click here to check them out.

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