The Benefits of Walking Your Pet

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The Benefits of Walking your Pet


As we all know, a healthy pet is a happy pet which is the way it should be.

We shower them with treats and let them eat food off our plate (well some of us). It’s nothing but an act of love for our fur baby who is nothing more or less than a member of the family.

You can also kill them with your kindness if you don’t grab the leash about once every couple of days and take a stroll around the neighborhood.

But before we lay all the focus on our dog, think of the benefits we get out of it.

Experts say we should get about 30 minutes of walking in a day – constant walking that is. When the heart beats faster, the blood is pumping and the weight will eventually drop off.  So apart from a nice bonding exercise, you and your pet will both benefit from getting those feet – and paws – moving.

Take it up a notch if you need to.  Find a dog friendly park and toss a ball or toy.

Not only will you both be looking after your health, but fun will be had also.  Your dog will no doubt sleep through the night too – which can be very handy if they are a light sleeper.

dog fetching stick

Before you take your dog for a walk though, remember the following –

  • Poop bags
  • Water
  • Toys
  • A dog leash

But above all, make some great memories with your pooch. The benefits of walking your pet are indeed many.

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