Unpacking the Jansite 10-Inch 4K Car DVR

Unpacking the Jansite 10-Inch 4K Car DVR

Jansite has been consistently raising the bar in the automobile accessory domain. Their 10-Inch 4K or 1080P Car DVR Touch Screen Stream Media Video Camera Recorder with Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam and 1080P Rear Camera is a product that testifies to this.

High-Quality Video Recording

Equipped with high-quality car video camera recorder, the Jansite 10-inch Car DVR offers 4K or 1080P resolution, ensuring clear and detailed footage of road events. This guarantees that you won’t miss out on any key details while viewing the footage. The camera comes with a nightshot function, ensuring clear recording even in low-light conditions.

User-Friendly Touch Screen

This DVR comes with a highly responsive touch screen and an easy-to-use user interface, allowing for smooth operation. The 10 inches touch screen display allows for easy viewing and quick adjustments of settings without causing any distraction while driving.

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Dual Lens Dash Cam

One of the standout features of this car DVR is its dual lenses. It is equipped with a front camera that can record in 4K and a rear camera that records in 1080P. This ensures comprehensive coverage and captures both front and rear views, making the vehicle safer and the driver more confident on the road.

Rear Camera

The 1080P rear camera guarantees high-definition picture quality of the rear view, which aids in safe reversing and parking. This feature is particularly useful in tight parking spots or while reversing in heavily trafficked areas.

G-Sensor and Loop Record

The Jansite Car DVR is armed with a G-sensor that detects a collision and locks the footage to prevent it from being overwritten during loop recording. The loop record feature automatically overwrites older files, ensuring that the recording does not stop when the storage is full.

Other Features

The Car DVR supports a maximum of 256GB external memory and includes special features such as motion detection, automatic white balance, and anti-vibration. It also boasts an assembly mode rearview mirror, making it not only a DVR but also a helpful tool for your daily driving.


The Jansite 10-Inch 4K Car DVR Touch Screen Stream Media Video Camera Recorder is an excellent addition to any vehicle, combining the functionality of a high-definition dash cam with the convenience of a touchscreen. With an array of impressive features such as dual lens, loop record, and G-sensor, this device offers great value for its cost. Whether you are a daily commuter or a long-distance driver, this DVR is the perfect companion to make your journeys safer and more enjoyable.

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