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Wade’s Warehouse is the ultimate destination for all your cat grooming tools! We’ve got everything you need to keep your feline friend looking their best, from hairbrushes and combs to nail clippers and shampoo.

We know that Cats can resist grooming, but it’s essential for their health and happiness. That’s why we only sell the best quality products to make the experience as smooth and easy as possible for you and your cat.

So why wait? Come on over to Wade’s Warehouse and shop our wide selection of cat grooming products today!

At Wade’s Warehouse, we don’t just sell cat grooming tools- although we have a great selection of those, too. We also have purses, fish heating products, iPhones and much more. If you need it, chances are we will sell it. And if we don’t sell it, we’ll try to get it in for you. We offer international shipping on all our products so you can shop from anywhere in the world. And our products have high-rated reviews, so you know you’re getting quality items. So next time you’re looking for that perfect product, check out Wade’s Warehouse first. You won’t be disappointed.

cat grooming tools at wades warehouse

cat grooming tools at Wade’s Warehouse

  • Large Size Cats Corner Comb

    • The product is designed to help cats groom themselves, with a comb to remove loose hair and a tickling brush to massage the face.
    • It can be installed in a corner of the room or furniture for easy access.
    • Cats will enjoy using this new toy!
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  • Pet Hair Removal and Groomi...

    • This is a high-quality pet comb that can be used for cats and dogs.
    • The comb is available in two sizes: 160mm x 50mm (LxW) and 160mm x 75mm (LxW).
    • The comb features a blue and pink design.
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  • Catnip Chewing Toy Accessor...

    • 360° Rotation Natural Catnip Chewing Toy.
    • The natural catnip in the toy will keep your kitty entertained for hours.
    • The toy is also great for cleaning your cat’s teeth and keeping them healthy.
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  • Pets Hair Removal Comb

    • It can be used to remove knots and tangles from your pet’s fur.
    • The double sided brush is ideal for both long and curly hair.
    • The shedding tool helps to remove loose hair from your pet’s coat.
    • The Pet Grooming comb is a great way to keep your pet’s fur clean and healthy.
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  • Pet Grooming and Hair Remov...

    • The Pet Glove has a humanized five-finger design and Velcro seal on wrist for an adjustable size.
    • Its bionic design is close to the cat’s tongue.
    • The glove is lightweight and machine washable for easy cleaning.
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  • Corner Pet Brush Comb

    • This comb is a great way to keep your cat well-groomed.
    • The bristles are made of plastic and are gentle on your cat’s fur.
    • The comb also has a massager attached which will help your cat relax while being groomed.
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  • 1 Pcs Eco-friendly Pet Hair...

    • The best solution for long/short/thick/messy pet hair.
    • The eco-friendly handle is great for those with allergies and the special stainless steel is perfect for use in dry seasons.
    • This brush also promotes blood circulation of pets.
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  • Cats Brush Corner Self Groo...

    • The product is designed to help cats groom themselves, with features including a tickling comb and a brush that can be easily disassembled for cleaning.
    • It should be installed in a corner of the wall or furniture that the cat can reach, at a height where the cat will enjoy using it.
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  • One-click Cat Hair Removal ...

    • Quickly and efficiently removes pet hair without damaging the skin.
    • One-click hair removal for easy use.
    • Slip-resistant handle for comfortable grip.
    • 15° comb teeth with massage beads.
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