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Wade’s Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all things fish products! We sell fish decor, fish air pumps and accessories, and aquarium heating devices. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your aquarium or just want to browse our selection of products, Wade’s Warehouse is the perfect place for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need any assistance. Come check us out today and see what we have to offer!

In addition to our wide selection of fish products, Wade’s Warehouse also offers a variety of other items for purchase through our online store. Baseball caps, Android phones, fitness trackers and much more are all available with just a few clicks. We offer international shipping on all orders, and our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. If you can’t find a product you’re looking for, let us know, and we’ll do our best to get it in for you. Thanks for shopping with Wade’s Warehouse!

fish products at Wade's Warehouse

fish products at Wade’s Warehouse

  • Mini Aquarium Heater With Q...


    This Mini Aquarium Heater is perfect for those who want an easy to use and clean product. This submersible tank heater comes equipped with auto thermostats, which means that it will maintain the temperature of your aquarium without fail! It’s also made from quality materials like quartz tube – ensuring durability.

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  • Aquarium Heater with LCD di...

    • Aquarium submersible heater with LCD display
    • Adjustable water heating rod for constant temperature control
    • 500 watts
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  • Stainless Steel Aquarium He...

    • This heater is made of stainless steel and is adjustable.
    • It has a submersible thermostat and can heat up to 500 watts.
    • It is 220-240 volts and 50-300 watts for fish tanks.
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  • SUNSUN Aquarium Submersible...

    • A fish tank heater with an LCD display that can be used to adjust the water temperature.
    • The SUNSUN Heater has a constant temperature control of 500W.
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  • Adjustable Temperature Ther...

    • 110v-220v EU US Adjustable Temperature Thermostat Heater Rod Submersible Aquarium Fish Tank Water Heat 25W/50W/100W/200W/300W can be used for a variety of different tasks.
    • This product is adjustable, making it perfect for use in a variety of settings.
    • It also features temperature control, so you can ensure that your fish tank stays at the perfect temperature.
    • This product is submersible, making it ideal for use in aquariums or other wet environments.
    • It comes in a variety of wattages (25w, 50w, 100w, 200w, 300w) so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.
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  • Ultra Low Noise Aquarium Ai...

    • This Air Pump is a mini air compressor that is designed for use with fish tanks.
    • It features an oxygen pump and hose, as well as an air stone, making it ideal for aerating your fish tank.
    • It’s ultra-quiet, making it perfect for use in homes or offices where noise levels are a concern.
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  • Oxygen Pump for Fish Tank A...

    • The AC/DC Oxygen Pump is a practical USB charging, portable exhaust air stone, and ultra silent air compressor for fish tanks and aquariums.
    • This product can be used to oxygenate your fish tank or aquarium quickly and easily.
    • The AC/DC Oxygen Pump is an affordable way to keep your fish healthy and happy.
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  • Aquarium Filter Pump with W...

    • This water filter pump is a device used to filter water for fish tanks and other aquatic animals.
    • It can also be used to create a waterfall effect in the tank.
    • The pump circulates water and helps keep the environment clean for turtles and other reptiles.
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  • Aquarium Air Bubble Lamp

    • 100% brand new and high quality
    • Features slow color changing LED light and airstone combination
    • Creates beautiful light in your aquarium
    • Ideal for aquarium, fish tank, pool, pond, etc.
    • Uses 6pcs high brightness LED chips for long lifespan and high energy efficiency
    • High quality air stone produces rich bubbles with the beautiful LED light
    • Plug and play; easy to operate; suitable for all size fish tank use
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  • Submersible Aquarium Filter...

    • This Filter Pump is a 4-in-1 fish tank submersible air oxygen internal pump that can be used for CHJ502/CHJ602/CHJ902/CHJ1502 water pumps.
    • It is made of high quality materials and is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.
    • The pump has a compact design and is easy to install and operate.
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  • Aquarium Pneumatic Filter A...

    • This product is an aquarium pneumatic filter accessory.
    • It is a mini internal purifier designed for fish tanks.
    • The filter has multiple layers of media to increase oxygen levels and air circulation.
    • It can be used with an air pump (not included).
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  • Aquarium Multi-function Wat...

    • The aquarium multi-function water changer is an electric pump that can be used to change the water in a fish tank.
    • It can also be used as a gravel cleaner or siphon filter pump.
    • This tool is ideal for cleaning your aquarium and keeping your fish healthy.
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  • Silent Aquarium Oxygen Air ...

    • This oxygen air pump is perfect for small aquariums, fish tanks, and aquarium accessories.
    • The USB silent air compressor is aerator portable mini small oxygenator.
    • This 5v 1W aquarium oxygen air pump is perfect for your needs.
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  • Fish Aquarium Plant Decorat...

    • This product is 100% brand new and high quality.
    • The material is plastic, which is durable, nature, safe and eco-friendly.
    • It can create a natural living environment for fish.
    • The size of the product is 30cm (High).
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  • 1PC Natural Crystal Rose Qu...

    • This is a natural crystal in the shape of a rose quartz tortoise.
    • It can be used as a decoration for your home or office, or placed in a fish tank.
    • The crystal is said to have healing properties.
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  • Volcano Shaped Oxygen Pump ...

    • This aquarium decoration is in the shape of a volcano and comes with an oxygen pump and air bubble stone.
    • The air pump is battery-operated and can drive the fish tank toy.
    • This aquarium ornament is made of durable materials and can be used to decorate your fish tank.
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