Asus Raphic Card GTX 960 1050 1060 1650 2GB 3GB 4GB 5GB 6GB RX 580 Video Cards GPU DVI HDMI DP Support Desktop CPU Motherboard

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graphic card GTX 750TI 960 1050TI 1060 1650 2GB 3GB 4GB 5GB 6GB RX 580 Video Cards GPU

Note:We fully check and testing before delivery(3DMARK And FurMark).

For this link, it has different version video cards.The above specifications are automatically generated by the system and are only for reference.

Additional information

Brand Name


Cooler Type

Double fan

Video Memory Type


Usage Scenario


Chipset Manufacturer


Chip Process


Memory Clock(Mhz)


GPU Model

GeForce GTX 1060

Video Memory Capacity

4 GB

Product Category

Desktop Graphics Cards

Product Features




Interface Type

PCI Express 3.0 X16



Output Interface Type

DisplayPort x 1

Power Connector


Memory Interface

128 Bit


One year

40 reviews for Asus Raphic Card GTX 960 1050 1060 1650 2GB 3GB 4GB 5GB 6GB RX 580 Video Cards GPU DVI HDMI DP Support Desktop CPU Motherboard

  1. R***v

    Came in less than two weeks, the memory chips are a little brown, instead of thermal paste some nozzles, the radiator is like new, the fans make a little noise.

  2. K***v

    The card came well packed and whole. Works as it should now test. Important! After receiving the card, it is necessary to serve-to replace the thermal paste at least, the whole card is in cash as if in nicotine yellow. Most likely, the liquid in which the cards were washed changed very rarely. I recommend the producer. P.S. Cooler dry a little rustle but not critical.

  3. V***v

    The 1060 3GB video card was packed in an anti-static package, a soft wrap, a cardboard box and a package, drove safely and safely. Everything is fine with her, in the furmarche of 75 degrees, but the thermal paste is already asking for a replacement, the only thing that was very upset is one of the fans was of I opened a dispute for 350₽ for this fan, in less than a day the store approved the return, I’m happy, I’ll order a new fan, If this one will make a lot of noise, while I took it through, there was rust inside, cleaned everything, lubricated with silicone lubricant, it became bearable.

  4. E***O

    The board arrived in perfect condition, some details, am in testing, when all is well. Enjoyed.

  5. A***v

    Видеокарта рабочая, в отличном состоянии, внешний вид вообще без нареканий. Поставим родные дрова, погоняем, напишем.

  6. Y***n

    Everything is super! I do not know how they do it, but the condition is almost new, it is very difficult to find traces of exploitation.

  7. O***v

    On the map all the rules. The screws looked under the magnifying glass. They didn’t. Heated. Well, this is clear because you can never understand and it’s time. For mining, it’s not going to be much of a hunix memory. Here all the Asus on it almost, if you look at the violins at different stores. With customs will always be. Now Ali is sending the data to the customs. And although the seller wrote 11 bucks. All the same as soon as I went to the Post Office put an invoice in 1000₽ (at a price of 23 K), this is if you send Russian mail to the home. I mean, the card is still in China, and I already have the account. If there is a PPC in Pyaterochka, then there is a PPC at all. 500₽ customs broker etc (from 17140₽ also almost 1000. And 200 € is just 17 k total) I think if only to send with another current number. One track is glued to the order. And the parcel goes with another. Please note when you order to Russia.

  8. V***k

    Bad cooling system. High temperatures-more than 80 degrees

  9. G***v

    Video card working, fan wear somewhere 30%. But, the video card came from a room that burned it clearly clear on the ground inside it and Gari’s bright smell. So apparently this room was extinguished with water, which led to oxides and rust of many components. As a result, I cleaned it from only about an hour. So in general, the video card works fine. But there was a sedimentation.

  10. V***v

    I did not check yet, but rust strains.

  11. Customer

    1 The turntable makes a lot of noise, no one else and promised, but it’s offensive.

  12. U***r

    Доставка месяц. Упаковано хорошо. Внешне чистая, но внутри очень грязная. Термопасты много. Оба винта гудели. Открыл спор, вернули 13 баксов.

  13. I***r

    I am aware that the product is used, but could have greater attention with cleaning the product, minimum. Received my product burning smell, obviously worried, had to buy alcohol isopropyl more some matters to perform cleaning, and was great, ended with the bad smell, and seems to be 1000 times better than state arrived, for a simple lack of cleaning. This type of attention helps in customer satisfaction. Not recommend the store, has other with at least minimal attention!

  14. K***r

    Видеокарта пришла хорошо упакованной. На вид в отличном состоянии, вентиляторы в отличном состоянии, не пыльная. Вставил в компьютр проверил, драйвера сразу подхватились, фурмарк прошел на 75 градусов. Разобрал убедился что всё в отличном состоянии, поменял термопасту сразу на MX-4 стало 72 градуса. Из игр зашёл только в GTA-5 и Metro Exodus, в ГТА на самых высоких настройках выдала от 72 до 90 кадров, в метро на высоких от 54 до 65 кадров, обе в фулл хд. В целом картой доволен, со всеми скидками обошлась в 17400 и летишопс вернул 716 рублей, налог на таможню составил 710 рублей то есть летишопс отбил таможню.

  15. A***v

    Excellent store, working product, everything corresponds to the declared parameters. Fast delivery, great packaging. Very satisfied.

  16. J***o

    The graphics card has been rebooted to me several times and you see a stripe when you give image, it has a strange smell as it has burned apart from the obvious dust it has. Talk to the store and tell me they’re supposed to do maintenance before sending them, but honestly no such maintenance is perceived.

  17. V***n

    Took on 5 gig. Yes, used. But what do we want for this money? Put without replacement paste and bagel 75 deg issued. We need to change the pads. Performance does not reach 970.

  18. A***y

    Apparently new, yet will test

  19. S***n

    Карта работает , но грязная ппц , пасту менять карту мыть…

  20. M***a

    Work fine

  21. V***l

    Good condition. Thermal paste dry. Replaced the fire. In strestest heats up to 71.

  22. S***a

    Delivery 20 days

  23. Customer

    I test the card for about two weeks. The temperature in the furmac was 80 degrees in games 75-77. After replacing the thermal pad and thermal paste, the temperature in the furmac is also 80 but in games no higher than 65 (played in cyberpunk and Detroit). With what this is connected alas do not understand (. In general, I’m happy with the purchase, I hope she will live a couple of years. Waited card More than a month. I can not advise you, because Alik this lottery is better Avito with a check or save for something serious. Also, the memory chips do not cool and are hot enough for load. Somehow so)

  24. D***k

    I took a batch of 1060-6GB cards from this store (all brands from the presence). In fact, one arrived 1060-5GB, for it, the seller returned the difference (although he tried to hit) 2 cards with repairs in the power chains, 2 cards in the other. Cards or alterations from 3GB or repair) most cards are in good condition. Memory randomnaya (micron, Junix, Samsung, all press 23,5, with the first strap and half-memory) the usual user can not like it.

  25. M***a

    All is well

  26. M***v

    The video card is working, disassembled, the thermal paste was replaced by the store, the lubricant in the coolers was also fresh, on the board itself there was a roll of of,,

  27. Customer

    Excelente llegó muy rápido, casi 2 semanas, bien protegida, solo que tuve que cambiar pasta térmica, y un poco de limpieza, lo demás todo bien, funciona impecable gracias.

  28. Customer

    По виду вся замученная, но работает хорошо

  29. Customer

    Unfortunately was taxed, but arrived TD right.

  30. M***a

    All OK

  31. G***a

    Well packed, looks new. Working perfectly. Satisfied

  32. F***e

    Came in excellent condition, and well packed, only had to exchange the thermal paste. Unfortunately was taxed in federal even the store declaring lower value.

  33. A***v

    Один вентилятор задевает о корпус, видимо где-то прижали, в остальом все работает.

  34. S***o

    Delivery region Kiev city Cagarlyk is less than a month, there is no customs Zbor, the card is super to me came almost like a new one, 3 weeks works, while everything is normal is normal Temperature 71 in furmak, batelfield 5 Ultra, Forza 5 Ultra, card satisfied, thank the store for the card, well, I took about 5 years here. Gig

  35. F***s

    Working perfectly, new aspect, not have to complain, arrived in 21 days. No taxation, buy without fear. Top Shop

  36. L***a

    Corresponds to the description, just change the thermal paste to caution perform installation and work smoothly

  37. O***r

    Got everything right. Am now testing and per hour is all OK. The store was really helpful, fast shipping and the office TBM. Not taxed

  38. Customer


  39. E***o

    Recommend the store!

  40. S***o

    Everything came in integrity, the card looks like new. There are traces of not factory soldering in the third photo, I do not know so should it be? In general, half a day played everything OK, in stress tests above 80 degrees does not rise. Thank you to the store for the goods.

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