BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch Stickers Acne Treatment Pimple Remover Tool Blemish Spot Facial Mask Skin Care Waterproof 22 Patches

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BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch  Stickers Acne Treatment Pimple Remover Tool Blemish Spot Facial Mask Skin Care  Waterproof 22 Patches

Product Name: BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch
Specifications: 22 Patches
Effects:  Acne Healing  Blemish Spot Treatment
Ingredients:  Tea Tree Exact
Skin Types:  Suitable For Various Skin Types
BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch
Our acne patches formulated with hydrophilic colloid from Belgium,Transparent dot, ultra-thin design, close to the skin, maintain your natural appearance anytime.
Physical absorption
It can absorb acne secretions effectively, help to heal and smooth your acne skin
For better effect, we recommend you to take tools to prick up the acne at first
Isolation protection
Removing acnes
Completely covering the surface of acne, which can avoid acne to contact with external pollutants effectively, stop the spread of the acne deterioration. It is recommended to be used before makeup.
Natural ingredients for removing acnes
Tea Tree Exact
It can diminish inflammation, adjust grease secretion, relieve skin and accelerate wound healing
Providing 24-hour care
Easy removal of acnes all the day
Daily use
Night use
Integrating with the skin naturally, and make-up is not affected
Absorption is enhanced to accelerate repairing acnes for sound sleeping
0.1mm /0.3mm
How to heal the acne
1.Cover the inflamed acne with acne patch.
2.Acne patch absorbs pus and becomes opaque.
3.Hydrocolloid protects wounds from dust and viruses in the air.
4.Skin repaired smooth.
Direction for Use
1.Wash and dry the pimple area firstly. (For better effect, take tools to prick up the acne at first.)
2.Remove the film and take out the patch.
3.Apply it on the pimple area, gently press for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion. (Do not repeat to tear the patch.)

4. Remove and replace after it turns opaque. Wear overnight or at least 5 hours.

Additional information

Brand Name



Wrapped Mask


Whole Face



Number of Pieces

One Unit





Item Type

Treatment & Mask



Country/Region of Manufacture


Model Number


False Eyelash Craft

Machine Made


77mm*58.8mm, 56.5mm*76.66


22 patches / bag


Breathable,antibacterial,acne healing


Diminish inflammation, adjust grease secretion, heal wound

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30 Reviews For This Product

  1. 30

    by V***e

    I haven’t tried them yet, but they seem pretty good quality, much like one you would get at the drug store. It also came in the mail pretty fast to Canada.

  2. 30

    by C***a

    They already arrived but I haven’t used it I will remake my review as I use them thank you store for meeting my order

  3. 30

    by D***d

    I think how the effect should not be expected, as much still depends on your nutrition, water consumption and much. To Moscow it was almost two months, the track is not tracked, even despite the paid delivery of another. I will complement the review, after a month of use.

  4. 30

    by Customer

    Order waited very long, 2.5 months in Tatarstan

  5. 30

    by Customer

    патчи пришли быстро! хороши в действии

  6. 30

    by A***o

    Did not come

  7. 30

    by S***v

    не пришел,деньги вернули

  8. 30

    by Customer

    Handmaiden just told him to come to me for me too but it will iiiiiioooooo it break up for him and he can come to my room and he can take me to my house and he can come in and get him and he can come

  9. 30

    by Customer

    Hi hi ladies and yes I am going back next weekend and then will come over next weekend to get the kids off ototitotitis

  10. 30

    by S***a

    Со своей функцией справляется. Долгая доставка,больше 2 месяцев.

  11. 30

    by L***a

    Everything is intact) Thanks

  12. 30

    by L***O

    Bulu kupuvati Che The result of the hour is similar

  13. 30

    by Customer

    Very good, dry and also make acne mature

  14. 30

    by A***v

    Very long delivery

  15. 30

    by A***a

    Inflammation removes, ripen inflammation, but pimples do not end

  16. 30

    by Customer

    Патчи ночные – отличные, со своей задачей справляются, красноту в начальной стадии воспаления убирают на ура, с “вызревшими” тоже помогают, хоть и дольше надо походить. Не подходят для глубоких воспалений, это и так понятно, но многие все равно пытаются и всегда мимо. Дневные – ерунда. Как обычные пластыри, разве что не портят кожу так. Чтобы дневная наклейка хоть немного “поработала” над кожей – надо часов 16-18, это не вариант. Но вполне себя оправдали в качестве защиты воспаленного места от внешнего воздействия (как пример – на шее, когда ворот и шарфы могут добавить проблем при заживлении, или с нынешней ситуации с масками). Оба вида патчей хорошо держатся, кожу не портят и воду не пропускают. Доставка – тормознутейшая, около 3 месяцев.

  17. 30

    by I***a

    The class of the piece, the printhead fasteners)

  18. 30

    by R***r

    The goods were not sewn, but the money was honestly returned

  19. 30

    by O***v

    Did not come

  20. 30

    by Customer

    Walk graaave well I validate.

  21. 30

    by I***h

    I’ll lock it up. Dugé class plastici. If ‘is a pinky prischi, I’ll lock on the night, I’ll take care of the Sun, The Sun and The Sun. Corisna piece, in a word, Uncle))

  22. 30

    by A***U

    I havent tried it yet but it camr recomended so….

  23. 30

    by A***K

    Already many times I order, I’m happy!!))

  24. 30

    by Y***r

    Looks good, a little bit it is cut but I don’t mind. I hope this works well, looks very promising!

  25. 30

    by T***a

    Terribly simple, not only that the parcel did not come, so the money was not returned, the store offered to return 0 rubles! I can’t get in touch, Tresh!

  26. 30

    by N***o

    I didn’t get it, but I got my money back.

  27. 30

    by B***b

    Bullshit full. I suffer inflammation-I decided to try. No results at all. Do not suffer nonsense-buy at the pharmacy duak, you will not regret it. And these stickers do not believe. Photo tube attached

  28. 30

    by E***o

    He never made it, but I got paid back.

  29. 30

    by S***a


  30. 30

    by Customer

    All as stated. Often use

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BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch Stickers Acne Treatment Pimple Remover Tool Blemish Spot Facial Mask Skin Care Waterproof 22 Patches

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