Classic Handheld Game Machine Tetris Game Kids Game Console Toy with Music Playback Retro Children Pleasure Games Player

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Suitable as kids game machine, good children fancy toy.
Fun for baby to touch and easy to hold.
Installed with classic varieties tetris games with sound for more fun.
Improve your mental ability with this Classic game Featuring many variations of the addictive Tetris game.
Encourage baby to touch and explore.
It has 15 shapes of elements. among which one single element has the penetrating power to get through other elements.

Auto power off
16 falling speeds, 16 levels of height, 15 different pattern
Pause function with indication
Different sound effect with different motion
Melodies for start and game over
Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotate selection
Sound on/ off selection
Featuring low power consumption, great for travelling.
Power Supply: 2pcs 1.5V R6/AA battery (Not Included)

Game content:
A Hit the tank
BCDE Squash
GF racing
H I Brick Break
J Greedy snake
K frog crossing the river
LM Tetris
NO Change Tetris (Press the function key repeatedly before the cube falls to turn the cube into the shape you want)
PORSTUVWXYZ are all moving Tetris (the bricks stacked below are constantly moving from left to right, which increases the difficulty of the game)

Key Function:
RESET reset button to restore the game to the initial state
SOUND sound switch
PAUSE/START pause/continue button
ON/OFF switch key
UP up DOWN down: Before the game starts, press up or down to select 1-99 (the big characters displayed in the middle of the screen) to adjust the difficulty of the game.
RIGHT/SPEED Right-click before the game starts, you can choose 1-10 to choose the speed in the game, which is used to control the direction in the game.
LEFT/LEVEL left button Before the game starts, you can choose 1-10 to choose the height of the square to increase the difficulty of the game. The game is used to control the direction.
ROTATE/DIRECTION function key: Press it before the game starts to select the game of A—-Z, which plays the role of shooting bullets or changing in the game.
Memory function: You press the pause button, and then press the switch to turn off the machine. When you are finished, just press the power button to continue your previous game (when the battery is not removed).

Package Included:
1 x Brick Game Machine (Battery Not Included)

1、The appearance may be different due to different production batches, please refer to the picture, the actual product shall prevail

2、Because of this old game console;So the manufactured mold causes the appearance to look a little problematic
But does not affect the operation
Please understand

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Classic Handheld Game Machine Tetris Brick Game



35 reviews for Classic Handheld Game Machine Tetris Game Kids Game Console Toy with Music Playback Retro Children Pleasure Games Player

  1. D***a

    Children are happy, whether it will work for a long time, it is unknown)))

  2. S***B

    good overall

  3. J***s

    The goods have not arrived

  4. T***a

    Everything works less than a month

  5. A***a

    видны следы отлива пластик , ну и так хлипкий , но поиграть можно.

  6. R***n


  7. A***r

    Thanks for your efforts.

  8. A***v

    Thank you!

  9. Y***n

    A copy of the original lightweight plastiquillo and smaller screen. But it does its job. For this price this great

  10. N***n

    For their money norms. On the quality of the zborki everything is scrape (the photos are not very visible, but you believe it). The account of the games, 1 game was bent but after the reboot everything worked fine.

  11. S***m

    Cheap material

  12. Y***v

    The images are almost invisible, only at a strong angle, but it’s not quite convenient to play. The store said to tighten the screws, but it did not give effect. In the rest of the working lot of game options, all sorts of tanks, frogs, races, but the original Tetris for some reason lies somewhere in the middle.

  13. A***a

    Ужасное качество пластика – половина кнопок не работает вообще. ( играть, соответственно, на ней невозможно

  14. M***b

    Love it

  15. Customer

    Get my Tetris game in 13 days. You need to put AA battery (not included). I already tested it, and it works. I remember in 90s at school everybody had it except me;-). But this one is for my son. He is to Jung for PS5, so we can begin with Tetris. thanks to store, I recommend

  16. A***v

    Came a broken display, it’s impossible to play. The quality of the buttons is .. C, you need to press everything twice. In general, it is impossible to use the rree of the biggest desire. The dispute was decided by Ali, not sold.

  17. I***a


  18. E***v

    There are not 999 games, but only 5 that repeat, Tetris did not find at all (

  19. A***o

    Everything works, delivery about a month

  20. L***a

    наглый обманщик.прислал старую поломанную игру и отказался компенсировать. можно только отправить её обратно. чтобы он дальше её кому-то отправил. ещё и за доставка платить пришлось сюда, теперь и обратно. не буду, просто выброшу. Пролавец плохой. заплатите завтра доставку, придет брак, придется платить снова за доставку обратно продавцу ,проще выбросить. деньги продавец не возвращает. мне написал, что кнопки не должны работать. я офигела от ответа. такое впервые. больше на Алтае не куплю подробное.

  21. T***v

    Games are already fast and difficult to play at pace

  22. T***a

    Ordinary Tetris, only I can not deal with games.

  23. A***n

    The quality is so-so and the screen is visible only under the slope. but play in the push will go

  24. T***e


  25. A***a

    AAAA very satisfied with the purchase, nostalgia 🙂 I recommend to everyone (many different games)

  26. Customer

    Broken arrival on it

  27. Customer

    Not bad. Only the circuit of installation of batteries is twisted .. And so everything works…

  28. S***S

    I was sent a scratched console… B/U

  29. E***n

    Tetris is good for his money, everything works.

  30. A***m

    Very small screen and poor screen quality. I bought three pieces, oversold in the market of used things Vinted. Without marriage sold for 6 euros, defective (scratches, no screws) sold three euros, as a result, not in a minus… to buy this model. On Ali there is a slightly more expensive model, with a large screen and in the box-there the quality of the screen is much better. This model do not recommend

  31. V***v

    Товар пришёл очень быстро, всё хорошо, всё работает. Закажу ещё.

  32. J***z

    The plastic quality is a little bad compared to the original, the screen is smaller, the button pressing is not good, still to remember old times and enjoy games is more than enough for that price

  33. L***r

    Didnt came

  34. Customer


  35. 4***r

    Normal Tetris

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