DATA FROG 4K HD Video Game Console Built in 1700 Classic Games Mini Retro Dendy Game Console Wireless Controller TV Output

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Y2 FIT 830 GamesY2 PLUS 1400 gamesY2FIT 1300games(RU)Y2S HD 750 GamesY2S HD Plus 1250(RU)Y2S HD Plus 1700Y2SHD Plus 2950 game
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Video Game Console For Sega Genesis Game

This game console for sega uses a classic game gamepad design! The gamepad with 6 function buttons, superb gaming experience! Support downloading games and saving games. Built-in 900 classic sega games and 250 Russian games. This game console supports two players, so much fun!

4k HD Video Game Console Supports For PS1/FC/GBA

Open Linux source code system, built-in 10000 For PS1/FC games. Support for PS1/ATARI/MAME/SFC/FC/GBA/GB/GBC/MD game formats.Supports players download games by themselves.

Mini 620 Retro Video Games Console

The Mini 8-bit retro video game console built in 620 classic games,which can support two-player games! This is a video game console that supports AV output. If you want to play classic games with friends and family, choose it! Can meet your requirements!

2.4G Wireless Retro Console

Android system in one, supports more than 20 emulators, including 64-bit games such as PS1 / PSP / N64 / DC, and supports self-downloading of games. Compatible with Android 7.1 to download google play and KODI watch TV for free.


The latest version of the data frog gamepad, do you think our gamepad is very unique? The camouflage design makes the whole handle look more unique.

Our game console handle design concept originates from the NES game console. I think this game console is very impressive to everyone! But previous game consoles were too big to be portable.

We believe that mini game consoles are now mainstream. Small and compact, you can put it in your backpack or backpack, carry your favorite game console and play classic games with your friends or family. Remember childhood happiness, forget life and work problems, I believe this game console can meet your needs! Remember, this product is a great option for good friends.

Suitable for two ways of wearing

The Y2HD and Y2S HD Plus game consoles support 4k HD output. Most importantly, both are compatible with the output of the home projector. You no longer have to worry about the TV at home that can't support 4K HD output and you miss the game. As long as you have a projector device, the projector has HD output interface, without any setup and operation, plug and play. You can enjoy happy game. Our game console supports a variety of ways to use, happy to follow you.

Plug and Play,Build-in 1700 Games for NES

In order to reduce the delicate operation of our game console, this plug and play game console is specially designed for you. Just connect the game console to the HD output interface of the TV, and you can play the game immediately! Simple operation without any complex usage process!

Y2S HD PLUS is an updated version of Y2 HD. We have added over 1700 NES games. If you don't like our built-in NES games, you can download your favorite NES games yourself. Most importantly, we have provided more benefits to Russian friends. We reuse another TF card and add more than 500 Russian games for you!

Y2S HD Plus Game Page Screen

The game interface has also been updated in all respects. Press “select” + “start”. The system will return you to the game menu.

1. You can freely choose whether to stretch the image to fit the entire screen or keep the original image

2. The game console supports PAL and NTSC TV

3. Allows you to save the game instantly to avoid the game having to be restarted

Y2 HD, Y2 HD PLUS, Y2S HD and Y2S HD Plus game page display

1.Y2 HD PLUS, plug and play, just use the P1 controller to directly choose your favorite game.

2 and 2 HD, plug and play, the game is divided into 6 modules, each game module corresponds to a different number of games, only need to use the P1 knob to select the corresponding module to enter the game.

Detailed Comparison Chart Of Each Type

Compared with the 1.0 version of the game console, you can choose to save the game process for the 2.0 version of the game console. However, Y2S HD game consoles do not support downloading games. Only Y2S HD Plus series game consoles support. For details, please check the comparison chart below.

Wireless Controller

Our video game controller can play wireless functions and support USB charging within 10 meters. It is being solved because of the length of the handle line, it has to be close to the TV, resulting in eyesight loss caused by immersing in a fierce game for a long time! More importantly, both handles can support exiting the game, just press and hold SELECT+START at the same time.

Note: This handle does not currently support saving the game!

How to download more games?

STEP1:Download“rom”of NES game.

STEP2:Put“rom”into TF card.

STEP3:Found in the game list.

STEP4:Play it!!

Energy saving

Low power infrared connection! This controller requires two AAA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging does not ship batteries. Customers have to buy from a local store.

4K HD Video Motion Sensing Game Console

The latest game handle design uses white as the main color to make the entire game console look more concise. Playing games for a long time will cause your body to feel tired! Our latest game console optimizes the previous functions.

For example: playing football, you can achieve the function of playing games by waving the gamepad to drive the movement of your body! When you play the game, you can experience the joy of the game and exercise your body to avoid spine problems caused by sitting for a long time!

Built-in 30 Sports games

We have built-in 30 interactive somatosensory games for the exclusive latest interactive video game console.

Two wireless remote controllers are used to transmit signals to control the game. Players can adjust the body to drive the game! Our controller also comes with an anti-dropping rope, you can put it on your hand to prevent the game controller from falling due to intense shaking! Plug and play, simple operation, no need for any operation, players can experience various somatosensory games just by waving the handle, such as watermelon cutting, running, yoga, etc.!


This game console cannot save game progress!!

Extra Built in 800 NES Game

You only need to plug the console of the game console into the HD output interface of the TV, and you can play immediately game! Simple operation without any complicated use process! !

We have added more than 800 NES games. If you don't like our built-in NES games, you can download your favorite NES games yourself! Most importantly, we have brought more benefits to Russian friends. We have added another TF card to you and added more than 500 Russian games for you!

4K HD Retro Game Stick

This retro game console is connected by HD cable, you can use it on TVs, computers, projectors and other devices with HD interface, no need to connect to the Internet, plug and play, easy to use. 4K HD display, enjoy the fun of the game with family and friends.

How to download more games?

STEP1:Download“rom”of NES game.

STEP2:Put“rom”into TF card.

STEP3:Found in the game list.

STEP4:Play it!!

Single Battery Design

Low power infrared connection! This controller requires one AA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging does not send batteries. Customers need to buy at a local store.

Product List

1 x Game Stick Console
2 x Controller
2 x Wrist String
1 x Charge cable
1 x User manual
1 x HD cable


If these problems cannot solve your question, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will generally reply to you within 24 hours. If it is very urgent, you can send us more information. We are all very willing to help you.

Q:Can i save the game?

A:YES,Dear friends! IF you buy the Y2S HD or Y2S HD PLUS, they are support saving the game!

Q:How to quit the game?

A: Use the p1 handle to press [SELECT + START] at the same time.

Q:Why is the game delayed?

A:Dear friend, it may be that the battery is low, please charge your battery.

Q:Why P2 Control doesn't work?

A: P1 Control is the main controller, and controller two can only work after the game starts.

Q:Why does the Y2S HD console only show 6 games?

A:Dear friends! We divide the game into 6 major game modules, you can choose a module you like, use the P1 handle, the [start] button will have a corresponding game! You can start to choose your favorite game!

Q:Why does the SD card not work properly to recognize the game?

A:Dear friends, if you want to download the game or re-insert the SD card, please do not unplug the card without power failure, it is very easy to cause file damage and not work properly! If it is damaged, please contact customer service to provide the download file.

Q:Does this video game console support downloading favorite games?

A:YES, Y2S HD PLUS can support download favorite games,But the Y2S HD dont support download games.You can download the for NES game, At the TF card

Q:If choose the local country for delivery, how long will it take to arrive ?

A:Russia is generally 1-3 days, in remote areas 3-15 days ,Spain is 1-2 days.

Q:Why is there suddenly a handle that can't be controlled during the game?

A:Our opinion is that the battery may be too weak to control. Please replace the battery to see if it can be! If the handle is still not control, please contact customer service in time!

Q: Why is there no signal when the game console is connected to the TV screen?

A: If you plug the game console into the TV usb interface and find that there is no reaction, we have tested and we can conclude that the voltage may not be the same due to the voltage difference in each country. The solution we give is not to plug the game console directly into the TV. You can try to connect the power outlet with mobile phone's adapter(electric current 1A),don't use TV as the power source.Please don't worry, this is only a small number of customers can not use, most of the customers can operate normally!

Q:What should I do if I think there is a problem with the product or I don’t like it?

A:Dear friends, we support free return of goods in 16 countries. You need to apply for an unreasonable return refund within 15 days of receiving the goods. (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea , Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Netherlands and Italy)

*About Dropshipping:

🐸Data Frog has cooperated with many Dropshippers with thousands of orders and has a wealth of experience. If you want Dropshipping, the reasons for choosing our store:

👍1.A variety of high-quality logistics methods and transportation timeliness can meet your needs. If you have higher needs, just contact us and we can also accomplish!
👍2. We will provide a VIP price and fast service for a long time, and there may be a link for you alone.

😍Look forward to your message and leave your contact information (like Whatsapp), I believe we can cooperate better, thank you for your choice!


DATA FROG was founded in 2009.This is a integrating R&D and sale company. Our company covers an area of 900 square meter. With our abundant experience and industrious and hardworking staff members, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers. Our production capacity amounts to 200,000,000per year. We are mainly engaged in all kind of video game console and for Nintendo Switch accessories and another game console product, and our products sell well in Europe and America. We conduct strict quality inspections over each batch/product. We will try our best to serve you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.

DATA FROG-You deserve a better product!

Good Quality and Good Service

Dear friends! Thank you very much for visiting our shop. Due to the current delays in global express delivery, they cannot be delivered within the required time. The current delivery time is about 35-90 days. In order not to delay the delivery of your parcel for a long time, we strongly recommend to choose AliExpress Standard Shipping. Most countries can deliver in 7-25 days!

Choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, you can enjoy the benefits:
Only our products carry the Free Return logo, and the following eight countries can enjoy free refunds for no reason.

WIFI Video Game Console Support HD Output

DATA FROG's latest WIFI video game controller adopts HD output design, built-in 3000 +100 3D games, and supports network download games (provided wifi version + non-wifi version (directly inserted into the network cable)), Support for PS1/PSP and so on. You can save the game progress at any time. Up to four people can play together at the same time. you deserve to have!

8 Bit Retro Video Game Console

Built-in classic games A wide range of high-quality games are available for you to choose from without downloading and installing.Retro Classic Video Game Console is the perfect choice for everyone. It lets everyone enjoy the happy childhood of their parents. Double fun with 2 joysticks Sensitive ergonomic design You can share your friends and family with friends.

Additional information

Brand Name






Plug Type

EU plug



Model Number



HD Video Game Console


Built-in 1700+ NES Classic Games

Funtion 1

Support HD Output Video Game

Funtion 2

Plug and Play,Include Charging cable

Feature 1

TV Video Game Console

Feature 2

Video Game Console


Retro game console


Dual wirless Controller


Not include



Feature 3

Y2 Game

Feature 4

Y2 Game console

Feature 5

consoles video game

Feature 6

Dendy game console

Feature 7

retro console

Feature 8

For NES games

34 reviews for DATA FROG 4K HD Video Game Console Built in 1700 Classic Games Mini Retro Dendy Game Console Wireless Controller TV Output

  1. D***r

    Track number was tracked. The parcel came before the stated deadline. What can be said about this device. Kill time remembering childhood. More took only from behind the game tanks. Of the pluses. Takes up little place, joysticks are wireless. They are powered by 2 small batteries. In the kit why that is a card reader with a folk cover from it. Many games, friends and no. Now about the minuses. The first and biggest minus response from the joystick pressed once it will press several. And in the game and when choosing games. Annoying very much. On account of this problem I wrote to the store. He kind of consulted specs and said the case in the flash drive. And I kind of sent out another flash drive. Like a track went and stopped… Also noticed in the game batelfield on the second level. The hero generally disappears and appears only after defeat and then not always. Glitch in general. In other than the effect of pouring buttons like jambs was not. I used to think the store specializes in gaming devices but reading reviews is not such and a good seller.

  2. O***n

    Super satisfied!!!

  3. И***о

    Everything works well.

  4. M***v

    Everything is fine! Returned to childhood;)

  5. Customer

    Excellent frog, save and download, 2 flash drives in the kit, any images itself fill. The stick itself is heated noticeably, the store said this norms, but I think it’s worth cooling.

  6. E***o

    Delivery 18 days from the time of order. Track number was tracked all the way. Packing is good. It came what I ordered. The quality corresponds to the description. Many popular games from the 90’s. Also, you can record the right games from the Internet. There is a save and download in games. Recommend.

  7. D***t

    Everything is fine, store-well done!

  8. A***y

    Unfortunately, games for two do not go. The joysticks work alternately or one blocks the other. And so the games children liked. Especially Mario

  9. A***v

    отличная денди рекомендую!

  10. S***v

    Everything is fine. But sometimes there are keys on the joystick

  11. S***n

    Fast Delivery

  12. A***v

    Fire, everything works

  13. V***v

    Excellent prefix, sometimes joysticks are late to work, but not critical. The weekends will go through

  14. Customer

    No instruction at all, no game that I wanted

  15. S***n

    The parcel was almost 3 months before Kiev. Joysticks begin to work incorrectly at a distance of 1 meter, do not listen to the buttons, or react repeatedly.

  16. A***v

    The product came quickly, serviceable and corresponds to the description.

  17. E***a

    Buttons on the remotes are packed and impossible to play.

  18. В***а

    It’s cool to put on) but… the jamb in the joysticks… it smells the button of movement forward and, as you understand, the character does not need to be moved. And often you should lose the level…. Unpleasant

  19. V***v

    Everything is super! As in the description! 7 days delivery!)

  20. A***H

    It came, of course, very quickly. But! Joysticks both lag, games some just do not start, some generally hang. Two flash drives with the same games, even normal games could not pour. For what, the flash drive still does not understand at all. 2 stars only for fast delivery.

  21. W***9

    Everything according to the description, everything works.

  22. D***n

    It came quickly. Slightly brakes, one joystick is scratched, but it’s not critical.

  23. A***v

    You can not reduce the size of the image. The whole screen is too pixel.

  24. K***z

    OK OK

  25. V***v

    The prefix is super. Everything works. Games that I go by default-most probably will not know even, they do not make sense. But! There is a separate folder. Called load. In it you can save your favorite games in format. NES. Games are all on the Internet on specialized sites. Pumped games from two different sites, from one-everything is OK, you play, from another-do not work, but the format is the same. NES. An awesome plus of this console-you can get off. Download the game from where you saved and continue (not available dream of childhood). Some strong bugs did not notice, played a maximum of 40 minutes. During this time, the prefix did not heat up so as to dull. Joysticks ATAS! Do not delay the connection with the console (although wireless). Only new batteries inserted. Of the big pluses: 1. safes 2. you can download all the games from the Internet and create your list of best games. 3. wireless joysticks. 4. Price. Cons: No. You can walk around the schedule-but it’s an eight-bit prefix.

  26. O***v

    Normal retro set-top box, children’s race in marpatio, I’m with tinkoy tanchiki

  27. V***v

    The toy is not bad, but it fills the cross, it does not work, it rolls all the games down without stopping, also when playing. In short, Chinese shit.

  28. I***v

    Yes, as previously written, frogs are buggy, and so everything is fine. The image is at 4, in some games too saturated.

  29. S***v

    Excellent prefix, but the place of the specified address, the parcel was delivered to the point of issue at the other end of the city, with blind stores who only with 3 attempts to find to find

  30. E***o

    не работает,вставляешь в hdmi такая картинка появляется и больше ничего не происходит,вставлял другую флешку с закачаными играми и тоже самое, верните деньги!!!

  31. D***u

    Long delivery, almost three month with 11.11

  32. I***a


  33. A***a

    Many left games, but those hits are 90 x present! I liked my son too.

  34. E***o

    all ok

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