Data Frog USB Wireless Handheld TV Video Console Build In 1800 Games for NES Retro Dendy Game Console Portable Retro Game Stick

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Y2S HD 1800 GamesY2S plus1800 games
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4k HDMI-compatible Video Game Console Supports For PS1/FC/GBA

Open Linux source code system, built-in 10000 For PS1/FC games. Support for PS1/ATARI/MAME/SFC/FC/GBA/GB/GBC/MD game formats.Supports players download games by themselves.

Video Game Console For Sega Genesis Game

This dendy game console for sega uses a classic game gamepad design! The gamepad with 6 function buttons, superb gaming experience! Support downloading games and saving games. Built-in 900 classic sega games and 250 Russian games. This game console supports two players, so much fun!

Y2 HD&Y2 PLUS Game List

Y2 HD 3.0 1800 Card Games List:


Y2 PLUS 3.0 1800 Card Games List:


if you can't open the URL ,you can contact our customer service first and leave your email,then we can send you a game list.

How to download the games by yourself?


Y2S HD PLUS HDMI-compatible Game Console

The small and powerful mini game stick is only the size of a USB flash drive. It contains a high-performance gaming chip, powerful computing power, and supports for 1700 NES games to run smoothly. 4K HDMI-compatible display, enjoy the fun of the game with family and friends.You can also download your favorite games, just download the game to the TF card, but only supports NES format games.

Noice:Y2S HD console dont support the downloading games.

HDMI-compatible Output Video TV Game Stick

This retro dendy game console is connected by HD cable, you can use it on TVs, computers, projectors and other devices with HD interface, no need to connect to the Internet, plug and play, easy to use. 4K HD display, enjoy the fun of the game with family and friends.

Plug and Play,Build-in 1800 Games for NES

You only need to plug the console of the game console into the HDMI-compatible output interface of the TV, and you can play immediately game! Simple operation without any complicated use process! !

This Dendy game console(денди игровая приставка) added more than 1800 NES games.You can download your favorite NES games yourself! Most importantly,We use another TF card and added 500+ Russian games for you!

TV Game Stick 4k Page Display

Dendy game console(денди игровая приставка)Plug and play, the game is divided into 6 modules, each game module corresponds to a different number of games, only need to use the P1 gamepad to select the corresponding module to enter the game.

Where can I find 500 Russian games?

If you buy a model with Russian games, you will receive 2pcs SD cards, one is built in 1800 English games with 1GB SD cards , the other is 512M SD card built in 500 Russian games , if you want to play Russian games, please replace 512M SD card and open it in the “Download” folder of the menu page!

Y2S HD Plus Game Page Display

The game interface has also been upgraded in all aspects,press “Select” + “Start”, the system will take you back to the game menu

1.You can freely choose whether to stretch the picture to fit the full screen or keep the original picture

2.Game Console Support PAL and NTSC TV

3.Support for saving the game instantly to prevent the game from needing to restart

How to download more games?

STEP1:Download“rom”of NES game.

STEP2:Put“rom”into TF card.

STEP3:Found in the game list.

STEP4:Play it!!

Power Saver

Low power infrared connection! This controller requires two AAA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging does not send batteries. Customers need to buy at a local store.


Please do not use it for a long time, otherwise the picture will be delayed. Please give the game console a proper rest time

Detailed Comparison Chart Of Y2 HD、Y2 PLUS

Noice:Y2S HD game consoles do not support downloading games. Only Y2S HD Plus series game consoles support. Y2 SFC latest console, with support for two emulators for SFC/FC and also support Russian and Portuguese language !For details, please check the comparison chart below.


If these problems cannot solve your question, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will generally reply to you within 24 hours. If it is very urgent, you can send us more information. We are all very willing to help you.

Q:Can i save the game?


Q:How to quit the game?

A: Use the p1 gamepad to press [SELECT + START] at the same time.

Q: Does this tv game stick support downloading games?

A: Yes, Y2S HD PLUS can support downloading favorite games, but Y2S HD does not support downloading games.

Q: Why is the game delayed?

A: Dear friend, it may be that the battery is low. Please charge the battery.

Q: Why do I immediately exit when I enter the game with a controller?

A: Dear friends, this may be due to the lack of battery power in the controller. We suggest you replace the battery with a new one, preferably a 1.5V battery.

Q: Why is there no signal when the game console is connected to the TV screen?

A: If you plug the game console into the TV usb port and find that there is no response, we have tested it and can conclude that the voltage may be different due to the different voltages in different countries. The solution we gave is not to plug the game console directly into the TV. You can try to connect the power socket to the phone's adapter (current 1A), do not use the TV as a power source.

Q: Why does p2 exit the game page?

P1 game console is the main handle, can be used to operate the game menu page, P2 game console can only run in the game

Q: Why the SD card cannot recognize the game normally?

A: Dear friends, if you want to download the game or re-insert the SD card, please do not remove the card from the power supply, it is easy to cause file damage and cannot be used normally! If it is damaged, please contact customer service to provide the download file.

Q:Why does F-22 appear on the screen?

A: Generally, F22 is displayed because the game card is not inserted properly. We recommend that you take out the card and insert it again. If it still does not work, please contact our after-sales customer service.

Q: How to distinguish between 1P and 2P?

A: There is a switch under the controller. Only the P1 controller is the main controller. To operate the main page, the P2 controller is used in the game.

Y5 Lite 4k Retro Game Console

With tons of retro games,fully compatiable with large game such as PSP/N64/NDS/DC/PS1,you can play many classic games, retro games, sports, fighting, stage games, etc…
Suppotr 40+ Emulators And 20+Languages
It supports searching for the games you want to play, and also supports collecting your favorite games!

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Additional information

Video Game Controller included


Type of devices







Video Game Console



Supporting Language




Brand Name



Mainland China



Operating System

8 bit


2 Players


Support HDMI-compatible OutPut

Type 1

Video Game Console

Type 2

Portable game console

Type 3

Dendy game console

Type 4

retro console stick

Type 5

TV games

Type 6

game stick 4k

Type 7

consola retro

Type 9

consoles video game

Type 10

wireless game console

Type 11

retro video game console

Type 12

4K TV Video Game Console

Type 13

game console for tv

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Data Frog USB Wireless Handheld TV Video Console Build In 1800 Games for NES Retro Dendy Game Console Portable Retro Game Stick

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