DATA FROG Y2 SG 16 Bit 4K Game Stick for MD Sega Mini Video Game Console HDMI-compatible 900+ Game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Mini 3500 GamesStandardwith Russian Games
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Y2 SG-Wireless Controller For Sega Genesis/Sega Genesis Mini/Mega Drive

This Sega Game Console With Childhood Fun And Memories, is The Good Memories of the Generation Of The 80s and 90s. This Game Machine Carefully Built 900 Classic Games. Wired Controller Allows you to Play the Games Smoothly.Supporing Two-Person For Game War,It's With a Lot of Fun!Controller With 6 Funtion Buttons,Super Game Experience!

16 Bit Game Console

This Retro Game Console for Gega is Mini Design.When You Turn On TV,Choose the HDMI OutPut Mode(Not AV Mode).Plug and Play!This Game Console Pre-Installed 900 Games and 270 Russia Game(The Russian language game depends on the purchase options),With Adventure,Fighting,Puzzle,Resources,Shooting,Sport, Etc.Chose the Game You Like to Play!

Support Downloading Games

Support yourself to download Sega games. Stored in the Rom file in the TF card, the file ending in .bin is supported. (The game downloaded by myself does not have a game thumbnail)

Support HDMI-compatible TV Out

The default game has a preview image, you can clearly see what the game is, and the game has an instant save function, you can also choose whether to pull up the picture, and at the same time support PAL and NTSC and other different standard TV sets.

Wireless Controller

Equipped with two wireless game controllers. Support up to 2 players at the same time, you can remotely control and enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends.

Classic Controller Design

The true six-button Sega handle (ABCXYZ), with complete functions

Free Conversion

There is a switch under the handle that can be toggled left and right, you can freely switch between 1P and 2P.Even if you play the game alone, you don't need to change the controller

Y3 Mini-4K wireless game console that supports saving games

With the taste of childhood, more than 1,700 games are built in. Most importantly, we have brought more benefits to Russian friends. We have added 1,300 Russian games and an additional 1,800 English games, you can choose according to your favorite, and the console supports favorite games and save games.

Double six-key wireless joystick, double players stimulate PK

Unlike other game console controllers, this time our controller supports a six-button wireless joystick, which allows us to provide a different experience for gaming. The design concept is derived from the trend and trend of the times, and we widely accept customers' opinions. Play classic games with your good friends or family members, remember a happy childhood, forget the troubles of life and work, please don't miss it, be sure to choose it! This game console can meet your requirements!

Five emulator support, custom download games

The game console is equipped with dual wireless remote controls and supports five types of emulators: FC, SFC, GBA, SEGA, MAME. If you don’t like our built-in games, please don’t worry, you can download your favorite games on the SD card, support Players customize their favorite games and can play and download games by themselves. Let you be intimate with your family, friends and children and feel the charm of the game!

4K HD Output/Plug & Play

Connected via HD cable, installation is simple and convenient, just connect TV, computer, projector and other devices with HD interface, you can play 1700 classic games. Plug and play, easy to use. 4K HD display, enjoy the fun of the game with family and friends.

Low battery energy consumption

Low power infrared connection! The controller requires an AAA battery. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging cannot transport batteries. Customers need to buy in local stores.

Additional information

Brand Name








Model Number

Y2 SG SEAN210619

Feature 1

For SEGA Game Stick 4K

Feature 2

Game Stick 4K for SEGA HDMI-compatible

Feature 3

Wireless Game Console for SEGA

Feature 4

Handheld game console for SEGA

Feature 5

Game Console

Feature 6

Mini Game Console

Type 1

Support HD OUT Video Game

Type 2

Tv game console for SEGA

Type 3

Retro game console

Type 4

retro games

Type 5

game stick

Type 6

for Sega Genesis/Sega Genesis Mini/Mega Drive

Type 7

16 Bit MD gams

Type 8


Trait 1

video game

Trait 2

video game console

Trait 3

for sega Game console

Trait 4

game sticks game sticks

29 reviews for DATA FROG Y2 SG 16 Bit 4K Game Stick for MD Sega Mini Video Game Console HDMI-compatible 900+ Game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

  1. 6***r

    Everything is super, very satisfied.

  2. И***в

    Came whole, working, works fine!) who has joysticks blunt, slow down, just change the battery for a good one, because I first put a little use of the battery, the joystick has changed, immediately it became all good to work, So keep this in mind and I noticed that there is no button to turn them on or off, which will eat the battery. The prefix itself is normally so heated, it’s probably the only minus that it has and I do not know how much it can be used on time, I used about 30 minutes. Therefore, I put 4 stars due to the fact that it is normally so heated, well, and there are no buttons on the joysticks on or off, they are always on, from this this this

  3. R***r

    не отслеживался по трек номеру. Но зато пришёл целым невредимым через 27 дней. есть все игры которые мы играли в детстве. супер. мы щас с другом на работе рубимся UMK3, кстати, все пишут что не полная версия. но я опровергаю эту теорию. даже комбинация работает для доп настроек С вперед А назад А вверх и так два раза. футбол соник воришки гонки гуффи том и джерри. короче всё супер. монтируется легко. отклик геймпадов очень даже шустрый. пока ничего не лагало. единственную игру не нашел, тоже одна из любимых это wani wani world про двух дракончиков розового и зеленого. играли помню всё ахотились за так называемой шарманкой)))а как называли вы эту штуку которая как в казино))) если знаете где скачать. напишите пожалуйста

  4. M***n

    Everything came in 2 weeks. everything works, joysticks are in order. the prefix itself is slightly more than a flash drive. Ordered with games for Russian-there are a lot of them.

  5. A***r

    неплохая игруха для любителей вспомнить девяностые))))

  6. A***y

    Great thing. Compact. Joysticks are comfortable, but sometimes buggy. In general, the purchase is satisfied. The parcel came quickly and earlier. Seller recommend.

  7. L***n

    The goods came quickly. Everything works, joysticks do not luftyat, delays at pressing the keys did not notice. In the collection of games there are almost all the hits. If something is not enough, then there is an opportunity to get it (for this it includes a card reader on USB). Of the shortcomings noticed only one-in Mortal Kombat II the keys do not work correctly, and in Mk 1 and 3 everything is fine, as in other games. And so everything is fine, I recommend.

  8. I***v

    Консоль работает отменно, подключить не составило особого труда: вставил в телевизор в HDMI-вход Wi-Fi-модуль, вставил в геймпад батарейку формата ААА, переключил на геймпаде на 1Р, на телевизоре выбрал канал HDMI, вуаля всё работает и скорость отклика геймпада без задержек. СУПЕР!!! Приобретайте, ностальгия неимоверная! Собраны самые популярные игры.

  9. S***G

    The prefix is super, certainly not fast. But, I’m happy with the quality. Straight into childhood fell))

  10. A***h

    Awesome kit! Very satisfied

  11. S***v

    Great thing. Everything works.

  12. A***n

    The toy came in time, the packing is so-so, but everything in pupyrka is wrapped, there is no damage, the battery is not included, so there are no but she fakovy-her computer does not see at all, and so everything is normal, you can play and remember childhood) in general, I advise the store

  13. 8***r

    Соответствует описанию! Пришёл быстро!

  14. T***v

    Пришло быстро, за 2 недели. Пока не проверял.

  15. S***h

    Came whole, everything works.

  16. M***a

    Cool prefix, fun to play as a child.

  17. V***k

    Cool prefix! It is very convenient that you can connect to the TV with the help of a flash drive! And joysticks without any wires. Games like Sega, there is Sonic and many others. My daughter really liked it. Joysticks work from pinky batteries, AAA format. Delivery less than a month.

  18. C***c

    The image is lousy, it’s not what you see in the publication

  19. S***a

    The game relive old memories. So beautiful that my children could see the child in me coming out to plat with them. If you ever played SEGA in the 90s, then this is for you. Recommended 100%

  20. S***a

    The parcel was tracked, it came quickly. Packed well, everything is in place. The prefix itself is excellent, everything works, I recommend!

  21. V***v

    It came quickly, everything works!

  22. A***v

    Everything is clear, there are lots of games, I’m happy!

  23. F***r

    Sent quickly while testing works.

  24. R***r

    It’s fine. Everything works

  25. M***a

    The prefix is super, joysticks are really super sensitive… Dune’s favorite game, press the arrow up once and she can throw you in the top of the card, but you can get used to it

  26. M***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery in 10 days. The kids liked it.

  27. J***s

    I love it

  28. M***n

    The parcel came pretty quickly checked everything works fine. Kids happy

  29. M***a

    Great prefix! kids and adults are happy! thanks to the store for the quality product! I recommend!

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