E-ACE Car DVR 3 Cameras Lens 4.0 Inch Dash Camera Dual Lens suppor Rearview Camera Video Recorder Auto Registrator Dvrs Dash Cam

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E-ACE Car DVR 3 Cameras Lens 4.0 Inch Dash Camera Dual Lens With Rearview Camera Video Recorder Auto Registrator Dvrs Dash Cam

Features And Specifications
Installation Type
Portable Recorder, suitable for all vehicles with windshield
Screen(Display) Size
4.0 Inch IPS Screen
Camera Sensor
Front 2MP + Inside 1 MP + Rear 1MP
Camera Lens
Front + Inside + Rear; 6 Glass + 4 Glass + 4 Glass ; 170 Degree Angle + 120 Degree Angle + 140 Degree ; F2.0 Aperture + F2.2 Aperture + F2.2 Aperture
Video Resolution
B28 Front: 1920*1080P@25FPS; B28P Front: 1920*1080P@25FPS Night Vision
B28 Inside : 640*480P@25FPS; B28P Inside : 1280*720P@25FPS;
Rear: 640*480P@25FPS
Photo Resolution
Video Code
Built-In (Built-in battery is very small, can not support working, only for save time&setting, please use original power charger when working)
OSD Languages
Russian, Korean, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Belarusian, Arabic,etc….. (If you want other languages,tell us,we will help you add it)
Basic Features
G-Sensor, Cycle Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor, Time&Data Display, Wide Dynamic Range, Picture in picture display, ON/OFF Automatically
Memory Card
Micro SD Card, class 10 and 8GB to 32GB (Not included)
Rear Camera Upgrade
Support max 12 meters cable Rear Camera
Add Features
Night Vision……
More Features
Coming soon…..
Packing List
1 x Packaging box
1 x DVR
1 x Power charger
1 x User manual
2 x Holder
1 x Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable(Optional)
1 x Rearview Camera With 10 Meters Cable(Optional)
1 x Rearview Camera With 12 Meters Cable(Optional)
1 x Buck Line For 24H Parking Monitoring(Optional)
1 x Real Class 10 High Speed TF Card(Optional)
Pay Attention
About 24h Monitoring
The DVR is only compatible with cars that have a 12V power supply. A 24V power supply will burn the motherboard. If you want to use 24V, please add a 24V to 12V Converter(BL).

About Video

Our Car DVR is FHD 1080P Video Recorder,must use high quality Class 10 TF Card, any low quality/low speed TF card all can’t support our DVRs work normally, if you can’t make sure you have good TF Card,please buy our Original TF Card together.

Main Features
Why choice brand E-ACE B28 ?

E-ACE is the top brand and gold seller in Aliexpress, our Brand Tenet is “Safer Driving, Better Living”. We offer our top quality products to all drivers, take more safer driving to all drivers and make them better living. All customers are very satisfied with our products and after services. Following details are E-ACE productsVSother brands products.

1.Comparison Display

E-ACE : IPS HD screen,1280 * 720; clearer display.

Others Product :LCD screen, resolution:640*480;display blurry.

2.Comparison Camera Lens

E-ACE :Full 6-layer glass lens, the video still clear under high temperature conditions.

Others Product :4-layer plastic lens,video is blurry when temperature than 40 ℃.

3.Comparison Chip

E-ACE :JL quad-core chip, running faster, chip working temperature -20℃ to 80℃.

Others Product :Generalplus dual core chip, running slow, easy to dead, chip working temperature -5℃ to 50 ℃.

4.ComparisonWorking Temperature

E-ACE :JL chip with 6-layer glass lens, work well in -20℃ to 80℃.

Others Product :Generalplus chip and 4-layer plastic lens, video hang and blurry over than -5℃ to 50 ℃.

5.Comparison Mount holder

E-ACE :Strong 3M Glue Adhesive Mount and Suction Cup Mount, suitable for all different vehicles.

Others Product :Only Inferior Suction Cup Mount, just use for 50% vehicles and fall down easily.

6.ComparisonPackaging box

E-ACE :Thickened brand gift box with all company information and certifications, will not damaged in transportation and convenient for after service.

Others Product :Neutral thin box without any contact information and without any certifications, easy damaged in transportation and hold by customs when import, can’t contact with seller to get help when using.

Features details

Car Dvr With 3 Camera Lens

1.Front View 2.Car Inside View 3.Back View

Have B28,Don’t Need Worried The Below Problem

1. No Worried Regretful Accident

2. Record Car Inside Video Protect Car From Thief

3. Offer Evidence To police

Two Lens — Front + Inside Record

The front + inside lens are record at the same time, front lens is 170 degree wide angle and inside lens is 120 degree angle, enjoying happy travel with families, don’t forget to record all happy videos timely.

Reverse Image

If you installed our back camera, when reversing, dvr will switches to display the rear lens image automatically, and the full screen displays the rear environment assisted reversing.

Waterproof Rear Camera Lens

Rear Camera Lens is with 4 LED lights, automatic fill light when reversing.

Three Camera Picture In Picture Display

In addition to front and rear view, you can also observe everything that happens inside the car.Can choose a different screen viewing mode, front and rear view ,car inside and front view, large wide-angle high-definition picture quality, wider vision, driving more secure.

4.0 Inch IPS Screen Display

4.0 Inch IPS HD screen playback is more intuitive, clear and delicate.

F2.0 Large Aperture

6 glass lens and F2.0 large aperture, high light transmittance, sharp crystal clear restore the real image.

Loop Recording

When this feature is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video.However, videos under special conditions will not be overwritten, such as G-sensor, Parking Monitoring.


When your car is subjected to an impact or other emergency, the G sensor is triggered, so that the recorder immediately records and locks the video.

Motion Detection

With the motion detection function is enabled, when the Car DVR detects a moving object, it will automatically start recording video. When there is no moving object, it will stop recording and detect the moving object again.

Parking Monitor

If you are worried about your car being damaged by someone else after parking, you can use our buck line to connect the DVR to ensure that the recorder works 24 hours.If someone else hurts your car and the shock triggers the G-sensor, the DVR will immediately turn on and record the situation.

Buck Line

Use the buck line to not occupy the cigarette lighter interface.

First, connect the negative pole(black line) of the buck line to the ground of the car fuse box;

Secondly, if you want to continue monitoring after parking (the DVR works 24 hours), connect the positive pole(red line) of the buck line to the BAT interface of the car fuse box;

If you want to stop monitoring after parking (the DVR does not work after parking), connect the positive pole of the buck line to the fuse box ACC interface.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR technology can achieve very perfect video and image quality, regardless of whether the outside light is too bright or too dark.

Recorded videos shot

B28/B28P size and details display

B28/B28P installation display
Packing listing

Color Name(SKU) packing listing


-1 x DVR(Without Rearview Camera)

-1 x Power charger

-1 x User Manual

-2 x Holder

-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)

B28+6M RCC

-1 x DVR

-1 x Power charger

-1 x User Manual

-2 x Holder

-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)

-1 x Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable


-1 x DVR

-1 x Power charger

-1 x User Manual

-2 x Holder

-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)

-1 x Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable


-1 x DVR

-1 x Power charger

-1 x User Manual

-2 x Holder

-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)

-1 x Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable

-1 x Buck Line For 24H Parking Monitoring

Kindly Remind
Insert the memory card correctly, please refer to the following.

About Rear Camera Installation

Please connect the rear camera’s Red cable wire with your car reverse lamp power ‘s Positive pole(+).and then plug the car charger into the cigar lighter to power supply the car dvr.When you get your car in Reverse Gear, the car dvr will automatically switch to the rear camera with parking line.Then the auto reversing function will work.

Additional information

Brand Name




Chipset Manufacturer


Frames Per Second


Assembly Mode

Portable Recorder



Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

Battery Life

Connect With Charger Work

View angle


Original Package


Item Type


Camera Resolution


GPS logger


Special Features

LED Light

Imaging Sensor

Cmd Ov7950



OSD Language


Video Format




Screen Ratio


Touch Screen


Display Size


Rear Camera



Micro SD/TF



Max External Memory


Video Code


3 Camera Lens Dvr

B28/B28P Dash Camera

Video Resolution

Front: 1920*1080P At 25FPS,170 Degree Angle

Car Inside Camera Lens

Resolution 640*480P, 120 Degree Angle

Rear View Camera Lens

Resolution 640*480P, 140 Degree Angle

Front Lens Aperture

F2.0 Large Aperture

3-in-1 Video Recorders

DVRs 3 Cameras

Screen Display

4.0 Inches

Car Camera

Auto Registrator

Car Recorder

3-in-1 Video Recorder

Video Registrar

Auto Video Recorder

Car Dvr Camera

Hd Car Camera

Number Of Lenses


28 reviews for E-ACE Car DVR 3 Cameras Lens 4.0 Inch Dash Camera Dual Lens suppor Rearview Camera Video Recorder Auto Registrator Dvrs Dash Cam

  1. A***o

    Купил в подарок на Н.Г. жене,второго числа установил его,шестого он перестал работать,просто не включается.Так меня подвел этот продавец,что не описать.Мало того,что регистратор приехал поцарапанным и кнопки были подпорченные,так теперь совсем сломался…

  2. E***g

    The goods were delivered good packaging the quality of the video is good while satisfied with see how further it will be thanks to the store

  3. G***e

    Camera that meets the price, maybe the indoor camera has very little angle, but meets, I don’t like the camera being moved to the side

  4. H***v

    Quality corresponds to the price, to analyze the road situation will go.

  5. K***e


  6. A***.

    The store sent me an old model-there is no choice and disable screens and cameras (this function is in a similar model that was bought from another seller 2 years ago); Very low video quality, grit-below 720p, you can not disassemble the number next to the passing car, and in front-then 5 meters at all do not see;; At this low quality, the size of the files is more than 2,5 times than in the model of another seller, and the 32 GB card is enough for a maximum of 1 hour of shooting of of Sometimes when working, the date is turned off, the settings are knocked down, and this is not associated with the impact sensor, which does not occur in the model of another seller. The seller is dishonest, in a dispute writes nonsense, does not answer questions, like do not worry, as if the device itself will change. I do not recommend the seller.

  7. Y***o

    the screen arrived Broken, i show it to the store, the seller don’t give me a new one, even the money 🙁 exist more of this machines in this app, choose other seller!

  8. I***n

    Camera not work absolutely and store delay to refund and not send to buyer “Free Return Label “. To be careful from scammer.

  9. T***.

    once the memory card is full the camera stops working nothing you can do will change it, i ordered 2 cameras one for me and one for my dad both have the same problem, the store keeps saying its not a problem and its setting, did everything he said and still once the memory card is full the camera stops working. i sent him a video about the problem and he still says it setting problem. just so you all know!!!!

  10. A***r

    The goods went instead of two weeks, a month and a half

  11. A***o

    I received a product which works good. The image is good enough, when the reverse gear is engaged the rear camera is automatically on but no distance is informed. I think that it’ lacks a sensor to work perfectly.

  12. O***E

    соответствует описанию

  13. E***r

    Спасибо. Товар пришёл быстро, качество не плохое.

  14. N***v

    I took for 1200, the sound is very quiet, I do not understand anything, the screen is full of sweat, for this money will come off.

  15. O***i

    Not happy and all

  16. S***v

    The viewing angle is maximum 90, the focus is not configured to be given, so that the matrix inside is not screwed to the camera even the screws were not

  17. V***r

    Bought as a gift, it looks like you need for a man with a good car.

  18. I***h

    All went fine. Nice DVR.

  19. R***k

    There is no function to view the video directly from the recorder screen, it’s a big minus, the flash drive often has to format because it stops recording. The store reviews but does not respond. To view the video, you need to use the computer, which means to pull out the drive, etc., which is not very convenient. It is necessary for the buyer to decide whether or not.

  20. V***w

    The order came quickly, checked everything works.

  21. R***r

    As always for all 5 ++ thank you very much store and I recommend to purchase!!!)

  22. T***v

    Came not a serviceable button

  23. 6***r

    Everything is super! The registrar came safely and safely! Even before the deadline! The store is excellent .. Recommend!!!

  24. A***v

    The registrar does not recognize the flash drive, different bought new all useless, put the flash drive and all hangs and reload constantly, return the money refused, the store wanted to solve the problem with what he wanted just to send me the firmware and everything, the dispute refund refused

  25. A***a

    Great camera with excellent technical guidance from store and manufacturer

  26. G***m

    The method of the rear figured out in the settings, but not completely yet. If I add any feedback.

  27. S***v

    Good DVR, super!

  28. A***j

    This is one of my favorite store. This is my second purchase. I recommend

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