SG906 MAX 1 / Pro 2 Professional FPV 4K Camera Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal 3KM Brushless GPS Quadcopter Obstacle Avoidance RC Dron

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ZLL SG906 MAX 1 Beats 3+ SG906 Pro 2 Beats 2 GPS Drone with Wifi FPV 4K Camera Three-axis anti-shake Gimbal Brushless Professional Quadcopter Dron

1.First 6 options are SG906 MAX(UHD+EVO)version,not have EIS !!! .

   Middle 6 options are SG906 MAX 1 version Beats 3+ ,not have EIS !!! .

   Last 5 options are SG906 pro 2 version ,please check it before you order ,thanks!

2.SG906 MAX 1 also named Beats 3+, not support Gesture photo or video function , but add Soaring、Far away 、Spiraling upward function.

SG906 Max 1(Beast 3+) :

Obstacle avoidance function:
The obstacle avoidance device detects whether there are obstacles ahead through the 360° fan-shaped scanning in front of the laser, and the remote control will sound an alarm if the obstacle is detected within 20 meters, and the drone cannot move forward

Brushless Motor: 1806

Three-Axial Stabilized mechanical Pan-Tilt

Support TF Card: Up to 32GB

Smartphone WIFI Receiving method: 5G WIFI + Repeater

Remote Receiving method:2.4Ghz

Flight endurance: 23-27 min

Charging time: 360 min

Remote control distance: 3000M

Remote control battery: 3.7V 1000mah

Remote control battery: 3.7V 1000mah

fuselage dimension(opened)17.4×8.4x7cm(folded)

Rotation angle of Elc. Rotatable camera: 110°

angle of Aerial photography: 120°

distance of image return:3000M

Flying height:About 0-120M

distance of GPS: 30M

distance of image follow: 3-10M

fuselage dimension(opened)17.4×8.4x7cm(folded)

Camera resolution: 4096 * 3072 (APP)   4096 * 3072 (TF)
Video resolution:     2048 * 1080 (APP)   2048 * 1080 (TF)

SG906 Max(UHD+EVO) (Beast 3):

1. GPS returns to the take-off point with one key, low power return, no signal.
2. ① GPS smart follow: After the aircraft is connected to the GPS, open the APP follow function, and the aircraft will follow the mobile phone.
②Image follow: 1-5m from the aircraft to identify the subject and automatically follow the flight.
3. Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-5m from the aircraft, face the camera to make a photo gesture/camera gesture.
4. Multi-point flight planning for the route: The aircraft will fly autonomously according to the preset route, and the player will focus on shooting.
5. Fixed-point surround: find the center point of the surround, and then use the joystick to move the desired surround radius.
6. Aircraft retrieval function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times to open the map interface, the map displays the last distance, latitude and longitude of the aircraft.

SG906 PRO2:
SG906 PRO 2 : 3-axis anti-shake Gimbal
SG906 PRO 2 Battery : 7.6V 3400mah
Basic Information:
Product name: GPS Brushless Quadcopter Drone
Product Code: SG906-PRO-2
Product Color: Black
Product size: 28.3×25.3x7cm (before folding)  17.4×8.4x7cm (after folding)
Positioning system: GPS / GLONASS dual-mode positioning
Brushless motor model: 1806
Flight information:
Life time: SG906 PRO 2 :about 26min
Charging time: about 6hours
Remote control distance: about 1200m
Transmission distance: about 600-800m
Remote control height: about 120m
Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m

Aerial image parameters:
Wifi frequency: 5G
Camera resolution: 4096 * 3072 (APP)   4096 * 3072 (TF)
Video resolution:     2048 * 1080 (APP)   2048 * 1080 (TF)
Camera memory: up to 32G
Transmission frame rate: 25fps
ESC camera angle: 110 Ì»

Package Included:
1 x RC Drone
1 x Remote control
1 x Remote control joystick (pair)
1 x Screwdriver
3 x Body Battery
1 x USB charger cable
2 x Replacement propellers (pair)
8 x Replacement screw (grain)
1 x User manual

SG906 MAX 1  Beast 3 +

note: no EIS for this model now.

360° laser obstacle avoidance

Three-axis anti-shake head . 3km map transmission

Three-axis anti- shake head, brushless power, GPS return,repeater, 4K HD camera, one key take off, one key landing,
altitude hold, optical flow at fixed height, dual cameras,WiFi connection, Soaring, far away, spiraling upward
Fixed-point fight, speed adjustment, real-time tr ansmission,one-button return, fuselage folding, MV photo and video haring
360° laser obstacle avoidance
Line is not limited Shuttling through the woods, wandering buildings, as flexible as birds,
can take the initiative to avoid obstacles in more complex scenes and night flight.
Follow and shoot to avoid obstacles  ,Cross the corridor to avoid obstacles
Night obstacle avoidance, Glass mirror avoids obstacles
Obstacle avoidance dynamic displayThree axis mechanical head
The three- -axis head
Enough stability, to follow
The three- axis mechanical stabilization holder brings
more effective anti-shake effect and guarantees image quality
                        Three axis anti – shake effect                                                    Market common cloud tai effect
The master lens,
Your masterpiece of travel
On the road, those who linger in the fleeting time where they go,
lost in the chance encounter of the sun and the wind,
it is too beautiful to be true. Master shot and focus follow,
so that the picture in the shot is like a movie clip,
and the memory is more gorgeous from now on.
Smart piece
Accompany you to record every journey
The high dynamic range, high analytical power,
natural color restoration and light and shadow performance
make the night scene crystal clear and touching.
5G real-time HD picture transmission
Excellent picture transfer system
High- definition 5G image transmission technology,
the body has not moved, the heart has far, unspeakable.Repeater +5G system  Strong signal
3000m Figure the distance
4K pixel Figure and clear
360L aser obstacle avoidance device
GPS module
4K HD camera
Three axis mechanical head
Integrated withmultiple sensors,Using multi-core core' drive strong performance!
Dynamic energy
Range and power are hard power
With about 26 minutes of endurance,
you can take enough pictures at your favorite place,
take off and return to your destination as much as possible.Adopt high density lithium battery,
bring long time battery life experience.              26 min Life is lasting                      3400 mAh Battery capacity                            7.6V Li-ion battery voltage
Wind resistance level 5, the power is more abundant,
no matter plateau or seaside, go anywhere easy to fly.
                     Four Brushless motor                      3200 r Power output                           About Level 5 A strong wind
GPS position return course
Again far, also know to go home
Beast 3+ has a variety of return function, automatically record
the starting point position before takeoff, when the automatic return,
that is, automatically realize the intelligent return mode,
and when the electric quantity is lower than 30%
or remote control cut off signal will automatically return.
Low electricity Return,beyond range to return,Out of control and retumning,A key to return ,
GPS+ Optical flow dual mode
Accurately realize the hover mode of height and
position to achieve wind resistance and aerial stabilityAerial magic
Play new tricks
Multiple flight modes for you to unlock
Soaring,   Far away   ,Spiraling upward
GPS Follow Surround 2.0
The protagonist is right in the center
Visual tracking system supported by Al technology, 360° surround, play new tricksGPS pointing flight
Save worry and time
APP map shows exactly where you want to flyZoom in, zoom in, zoom in
The screen is full of blockbuster textures
50 times sliding zoom, far and near size, in control, aerial shooting more arbitraryA key to share
Save worry, save time, save in the province
Shock blockbuster wonderful short film one- click share
Full scale display
All around, have a good look REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION GUIDE

SG906 MAX(UHD+EVO)  Beast 3

note: no EIS for this model now.


note: SG906 MAX(UHD+EVO) no EIS for this model now.

Obstacle Avoidance Function

Intelligent obstacle avoidance and worry-free fly.

Obstacle Avoidance

Auto stop before Obstacle

3-axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal

3-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal Bring more effective anti-shake effect to easily filter out the screen vibration brought by external, and at the same time ensure the image quality

Smart flight camera

With movie-level Photo resolution, 4K anti-shake HD, excellent optical performance can record every unforgettable moment in your life

Equipped with Sony IMX179 camera

1 / 3.2 inch, 4K HD lens, easy to capture the scenery of the journey.
Sony IMX179 image processor 4K 25 frame HDR video HDR photo light and dark are clearly visible.

PTZ protective cover

Long-distance control


Remote control distance up to 1200 Meter , 5G WIFI HD image transmission distance up to 800 Meter, looking at the world from different angles, Discovering new perspectives, and recording wonderful moments.

Drawer battery with power indicator

You can check the power at any time for easy replacement. Short press the switch to display the power, Long press the switch to turn on the power.

Front & bottom camera+Obstacle Avoidance

Set multiple sensors in one, use multi-core “core” to control powerful performance!
Quickly complete the instruction, can't receive the GPS signal, and return home intelligently!

Front / bottom camera, support free switching shooting
Dual lens one-key switch

GPS positioning and return home, no matter how far away, you can go home

Beast 3 has a variety of return-to-home functions. It automatically records the starting position before take-off. When it is necessary to return to home automatically, it automatically realizes the intelligent return-to-home mode, and it will automatically return to home when the battery is less than about 25% or the remote control loses signal.

Optical flow / GPS mode switching

Accurately realize the hover position of height and position, and realize wind resistance and aerial stability.

GPS follow surround

The visual tracking system is supported by AI technology, 360 ° surround, play new tricks

GPS pointing flight

The APP map accurately points, where you want to fly

Zoom in zoom in zoom in again

50x sliding zoom, far and near size, all under control, aerial photography more freely

Gesture photo / video

Make gestures to easily take pictures and videos

One key sharing

One key sharing of stunning short movies

Size dispaly & Portable folding

Remote control operation guide

Phone APP control operation guide

Packing List

Technical paramenters

SG906 PRO 2:

note: this model no obstacle avoidance device.


Set industry flagship standards in one

3- axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal No three axes can be called a gimbal

Three axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal No three axes can be called a gimbal

3- axis 3 direction adjust

Stable enough to move with your heart

Smart flight camera AI intelligence

Smart flight camera AI intelligence that can take pictures is really easy to use.

Understand shooting,understand you better
Consolidate many amazing shooting effects into intelligent functions, let you imagine the sky and the sky, lightly move your fingers, and imagine the truth in your heart.

Equipped with Sony IMX179 camera

1 / 3.2 inch, 4K HD lens, easy to capture the scenery of the journey.
Sony IMX179 image processor 4K 25 frame HDR video HDR photo light and dark are clearly visible.

Triaxial 3-Axil stable camera

Long-distance control & Long fly time

Beautiful view of the world
Long-distance control, high-definition image return, dual camera switch shooting, see the world from different angles,
discover new perspectives, and record wonderful moments.
About 26 minutes of battery life
Adopt safe high-density lithium battery, bring long-term battery life experience.

Optical flow / GPS mode switching

Accurately realize the hover position of height and position, and realize wind resistance and aerial stability.

GPS positioning return

GPS series UAVs have multiple return-to-home functions, and automatically record the starting point position before take-off. When automatic return-to-home is required, the intelligent return-to-home mode is automatically implemented, and when the battery level is lower than about 25%, it will return to home automatically.

GPS Follow Surround 2.0

The visual tracking system is supported by AI technology and surrounds 360 ° to play new tricks

GPS pointing flight

APP map accurately pointing, where to fly

Gesture camera video 3.0

Gesturing gestures to easily take pictures and videos

One key sharing

One key sharing of stunning short movies

Zoom in zoom in again Full screen is full of texture

50 times sliding zoom, far and near size, under control, aerial photography is more at will

Techniacl Paramenters

Additional information

Brand Name


Camera Features

4K HD Video Recording



Camera Integration

Camera Included



Sensor Size

1/3.0 inches

Remote Distance




Aerial Photography


Optical Zoom


FPV Operration


Main Rotor Diameter


Control Channels

4 Channels



Model Number

SG906 MAX 1 SG906 PRO 2


Wi-Fi Connection


16 million

Flight Time


Camera resolution

4096 * 3072 (APP) 4096 * 3072 (SD)

Video resolution

2048 * 1080 (APP) 2048 * 1080 (SD)

model 1

SG906 MAX 1

model 2


model 3

SG906 PRO 2

34 reviews for SG906 MAX 1 / Pro 2 Professional FPV 4K Camera Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal 3KM Brushless GPS Quadcopter Obstacle Avoidance RC Dron

  1. D***r

    Super product for the money Unfortunately, the tested range only 1300 meters on free site instead of specified 3000 meters. Another disadvantage is the small internal battery of the remote control! The drones battery holds also only Max. 14 minutes!

  2. O***v

    Good afternoon, the store sent the goods immediately after payment, the drone arrived on the third day, all as ordered, the goods quality all works, wrote off with the seller about the instructions. The seller is sociable and responsible I recommend.

  3. А***в

    Full nonsense!!! flight range in a deaf village of 1400 meters. flight time 15 min. opened dispute video does not load money do not refund!!!

  4. A***v

    Shipping IML 50 days to SPB track number tracked

  5. A***n

    Very happy with the purchase. Let’s hope it lasts.

  6. Customer

    Water Gun horse occasionally hit, think more quickly arrived. Box squished map without contents also without slipping and external ornamental fish over there up to. Flying is also well forward ~

  7. S***u

    Посылка долго ехала, почти 2 месяца. Доставил курьер IML. Описанию соответствует. Ещё не запускали.

  8. Customer

    All in great condition with all accessories all right in less than 30 days in Amapá Brazil thank you to always answering my answers

  9. C***o

    Never received my request, not attribute to store to Brasil mail that is very inefficient

  10. J***s

    Drone good for whom this inicinado, however with some bugs. Case not conect the phone restart the phone. Not use sensor obstacle in places very closed the drone goes nowhere. Battery time reasonable between 18 and 20 minutes, depends on the wind… More satisfied!!!

  11. T***s

    Viskas greitai atėjo. Viskas atitiko mano pateiktam užsakymui.Dar nebandžiau naudoti.

  12. G***w

    Battery long lasting nail cold. Winter high-end nail Day Cream

  13. A***V

    Delivered very quickly, in three days, thank you! Everything works as described!

  14. C***c

    everything works as in the description, I like it, it’s my first drone

  15. Customer

    Yes great product thank you

  16. M***o

    Arrived very quickly, led 17 consecutive days more or less, and take into consideration that was at the end of year came flying. Not taxed thanks to store.

  17. M***i


  18. Customer

    In general, the quality is good. Everything works. The only thing that no 3 km smells like is the usual Max. 700 meters in the field and starts to put video communication. So there is no point in taking MAX1

  19. Customer

    O produto era exatamente como a descrição.

  20. S***a

    I haven’t tried it yet. Visually all class! Weather does not allow, then Frost, then wind, then work! Although it is already burning, it is not waiting to start! On yutuba looked at the review, they say good!

  21. F***a

    I have placed three orders, in two you have arrived very late, and in the third you have not reached my order.

  22. M***s

    Product arrived in 10 days arrived Super protected packaging. Will perform tests to validate definitively the purchase.

  23. S***n

    Good piece

  24. Customer

    Muito bom, tudo conforme o esperado ,melhor que nao fui taxado

  25. G***A

    Went 67 days to Moscow IML delivery is just terrible. They can’t be reached by track all days. I’ll add a photo as I test. Packed All is well. Complete as in the description.

  26. J***S

    Top the drone already tested and all went well all working perfectly only Test return drone not work more’ll testarmos once to make sure everything is OK.

  27. C***o

    Product OK. Perfect.

  28. Customer

    The product came as descriptions. I like it very much and thanks to store for helping to clarify many things for my better understanding on the goods and I recommend to this shop if anyone plan to buy it.

  29. P***n

    The goods came exactly in 65 days to Kazakhstan. Instruction in Russian is missing (there is English). Thank you to the store promptly answered all questions. Until I started on the street, only at home. When I write additional. Great seller! Responsibly refers to its product, solves all problems quickly and qualitatively. Just doing good! I advise you to buy. You won’t regret it!

  30. 8***r

    Everything corresponds to the description, in fact believed. Everything is super, packed perfectly

  31. 0***r

    дрон доставил курьер целый но не тот который я заказал будьте внимательны а так доволен дрон летает снимает ростояние мах 1650м высота 120м

  32. N***n

    I asked to pack well, and in the end came a box crumpled, wrapped in an ordinary pupyrnyy salafan. very not happy with the packaging, while it works.

  33. Customer

    Three so far and received the products used yet outdoor wood dowel the saw four key

  34. A***v

    Пришло не слишком быстро, покупал 11.11 пришло 30.12. Главное успели до нового года.

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