SL10 Ultimate Gaming Phone Cooler – High-Performance Semiconductor Fan

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SL10 Digital displaySL10 Standard

Semiconductor Cooling Radiator Overview

Important Note: The SL10 Standard model lacks a temperature display, does not feature light-off capabilities, and offers no secondary adjustment settings.

This innovative model boasts a fully hollowed-out design to enhance thermal dissipation efficiency, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of mobile phones and tablets. Equipped with a high-performance semiconductor cooling chip, it delivers a rapid cooling response in just 3-5 seconds. Its seven-blade fan design further accelerates heat dissipation, ensuring your device stays cool under pressure.

Features include:

  • Temperature Monitoring: Keep an eye on your device’s heat levels.
  • Adjustable Settings: Two power settings to control cooling intensity.

Mounting Options:

  1. Magnetic Attachment: Utilize the included magnetic strip to secure the radiator directly to your phone’s back.
  2. Clip-On Design: Easily attach using the built-in clips for a secure, stable mount.

Enhanced with GRB lighting, this cooler adds a touch of futuristic aesthetics to your device, providing not just functionality but style. The Type-C interface offers straightforward connection options, allowing for both direct power supply usage and portable battery pack support for on-the-go cooling solutions.

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20 Reviews For This Product

  1. 20

    by A***a

    Arrived on schedule. Works perfectly as in the description. Even rela

  2. 20

    by Customer

    Very good quality and works well!!!

  3. 20

    by H***z

    The product arrived with little protective material, but in good condition, product box without damage. Excellent delivery service. Works wonderfully, 10 out of 10, I’m super happy.

  4. 20

    by R***l

    Top cools the cell phone a lot, work with the car, the cell phone hangs all over when it is in the support in the sun KK but now it is always cold top top top top top

  5. 20

    by J***a

    the cooler made my expectations 1000%. While playing COD Mobile or LOL – Wild Rift, the phone is beautifully cool, even during charging and high brightness (IPhone SE 2020). I can recommend. Great thing for good money. The fan is quite loud, but when I play with headphones, it doesn’t matter

  6. 20

    by J***n

    Absolutely love this product, it cools my iPhone 13 with ease as I play my fav games. Only thing I would request would be better instructions. As I cannot tell if turning off the leds is supposed to better cool your device or if it’s just to turn off the leds.

  7. 20

    by ᙘ***Z

    Very good👏

  8. 20

    by Customer

    This is very convenient comparing to clip options. It’s also good for iPad because the magnet pad can be attached anywhere you want.

  9. 20

    by J***o

    Very good

  10. 20

    by K***d

    so cheap and works very good

  11. 20

    by J***s

    Today just delivered, jsjs.

  12. 20

    by B***s

    Satisfied with the product, it fulfills its function. Within seconds of lighting begins to freeze

  13. 20

    by C***s

    2nd product I acquire, there is not much to add, in less than a minute you feel the cold, vivid and striking colors, strong magnet that sticks to the cell phone, the cable is somewhat long, the handles are strong and firm. I leave and attach important data images to consider before buying the cooler fan. Recommended seller, 10/10.

  14. 20

    by J***z

    Great item, it cools my phone more than 10 degrees lower than normal

  15. 20

    by a***r

    Excellent product takes practically nothing to get to me I would buy it again without thinking twice

  16. 20

    by R***z

    Meets 100% my needs the product arrived fast and works perfectly thanks praise to the seller

  17. 20

    by l***r

    device says -3 degree which cant be true, other than that the device keep the mobile less hot when holding in hand but doesnt reduce the actual cpu degree. *may vary baes on mobile phone

  18. 20

    by A***o

    It took 11 days to arrive. It’s amazing how fast and cold it is, I read good reviews, but I didn’t imagine it working that well. I’ll buy more.

  19. 20

    by J***s

    Hello friends, my order arrived exactly within 30 days, everything came right, I disbelieved this mini radiator, more works yes, cool the mobile phone very well, can buy😄

  20. 20

    by W***s

    Very good fan, in my s24 ultra in midsummer it stays at a temperature of 21 degrees, I thought it was rechargeable. Otherwise I like it, good size and the lights give it a good touch, I arrive in a month to Peru lime

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