Tooth Whitening Mousse Oral Care essence Oral Cleaning 30ml

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After 30 years of research by expertsRecommended for mild symptoms (buy 2 get 1 free) for small areas of decayed teeth

ringwormRecommended for moderate symptoms (buy 3 get 2 free) For medium-sized decayed teeth.

ringwormRecommended for severe symptoms (buy 5 get 5 free) For larger areas of tooth decay.

ringwormFor severe symptoms, we highly recommend (buy 10 get 12 free) for large, For large, prolonged tooth decay for perfect tooth restoration

It is suitable for all areas of tooth decay, cavities, and can be perfectly restored by adhering to the course of treatment.

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Natural Herbal Extract




Mainland China

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20 Reviews For This Product

  1. 20

    by O***n

    I have been using it for a while, and the tooth decay is almost gone. The effect of using this toothpaste is still very good. What a great product. It can also fill cavities and repair cavities. If you buy more, the store will give you a few as a gift. The main reason is that it is effective, and the effect is very obvious. You can see it. If you need it, you can try it. Anyway, I am. It feels very useful.

  2. 20

    by F***d

    I had very serious dental problems before, including a lot of cavities and plaque. Fortunately, I discovered this product. The seller was very patient and gave me instructions on how to use it. Thank you to the seller.

  3. 20

    by D***e

    Recommended by a friend, I learned about the effect of this toothpaste. My children have used several bottles and the effect is really amazing. After brushing, the cavities are gone, the cavities are filled, and there is no discomfort. It really exceeds my expectations. ! Excellent quality

  4. 20

    by G***y

    This product fixed my cavities and successfully saved my teeth. I will be forever grateful to the seller for recommending this product, it has solved what has been bothering me for years and has made every day a very pleasant one!

  5. 20

    by G***t

    It really improved my cavity, my cavity lasted a long time and was able to make me a lot of pain, I used this toothpaste and the pain stopped at first and then fixed my cavity slowly! Overall I would recommend this toothpaste as a quality product.

  6. 20

    by R***a

    I have two cavities in my teeth. The toothache is so painful that I can’t sleep at night. It’s very painful. This toothpaste works very quickly. I stopped hurting after just a few days of use. It’s completely healed now. The effect of this toothpaste is really amazing.

  7. 20

    by C***n

    I want to thank the seller for this product. My child has cavities for a long time, I let it be used every day like toothpaste, and after persisting for a while my teeth started to turn white, and using 5 bottles started to gradually repair the cavities, this product has helped me a lot, thanks. Thank you !!!! Thank you very much!

  8. 20

    by E***y

    The child usually loves to eat sweets and occasionally is lazy and does not brush his teeth. He has cavities on his front teeth. Now they have been repaired. This anti-cavity cream can indeed effectively repair and prevent cavities. I will continue to buy it. I recommend it!

  9. 20

    by A***h

    My son has two obvious cavities and often suffers from toothache, which is very painful. A dental friend of mine recommended this toothpaste to me and it works very well. After using it for a few days, my son said that the toothache has been relieved a lot. After using it for a while, My son’s tooth decay has been completely repaired

  10. 20

    by F***o

    This product is truly amazing and the results are incredible! It really repaired my cavities and I didn’t have any more cavities for a long time, it was amazing!

  11. 20

    by A***t

    It’s hard to find an anti-cavity toothpaste for kids on the market.but luckily I found one. Tooth decay has affected my brother’s daily diet and sleep. I saw high reviews for this anti-cavity toothpaste online.so I bought 22 bottles. After receiving the goods.I supervised my brother’s daily use. Fortunately. he did not refuse the taste of toothpaste. Through unremitting use every day.the hard work finally paid off. I’m also happy to see my brother’s tooth decay healed. We will repurchase indefinitely.

  12. 20

    by g***r

    I don’t know why I have a hole in my tooth. It was very uncomfortable to stick to it when eating, so I bought this anti-cavity toothpaste. The results did not disappoint me. My tooth decay is now healed. This is a great anti-cavity toothpaste. I’m going to buy some more to use with my family

  13. 20

    by S***r

    I have cavities in my back teeth. If you usually eat sweet things, your teeth will be corroded. This feeling is so uncomfortable. I purchased this product on the recommendation of a friend. After use, it is very effective in repairing tooth decay. I haven’t had any tooth pain lately. The tooth decay is gone

  14. 20

    by A***u

    The toothpaste is super easy to use. My mouth feels fresh after brushing. It smells great and has great cleaning power. I use it twice a day and my cavities are perfectly repaired!

  15. 20

    by K***a

    Originally my teeth were not like this, but because I was busy with work, I didn’t pay much attention to dental health. But luckily I came across this product and I felt incredible after using it. It works great, making my teeth whiter than before and helping me prevent dental bacteria. Thank you seller for the product, I appreciate it.

  16. 20

    by S***a

    I used to suffer from dental caries, but it took only five bottles to solve the problem

  17. 20

    by L***n

    The product was shipped the day after I placed the order. The product I received did not have any damage. I bought a 5-pack of bottles on the recommendation of customer service. It quickly repaired my cavities in a short period of time. Thank you very much to the seller for providing high quality products. I give them full marks for quality.

  18. 20

    by l***r

    Wow. the results are amazing. I didn’t expect such an affordable product to work so well. My tooth decay has been repaired. I got great help and solved a big problem of mine. I like this seller’s products. I have bookmarked this store so that I can better follow the seller’s updates.

  19. 20

    by E***e

    The package arrived quickly. After receiving the goods, I swipe it once every morning and evening. Now the black part inside the tooth decay has been repaired, and the oral environment is healthy. No bad smell. It solved my oral problem very well. Thank you seller!

  20. 20

    by H***g

    I have been using this toothpaste for a while now. It really works, I haven’t had any new cavities since I started using it and the cavities have been completely repaired. It is very convenient to use and the price is very attractive. I strongly urge everyone to buy it. Even friends who do not have cavities can buy it to prevent cavities.

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