Universal Cat Dog Tick Flea Killer Stain Odor Remover Effective Safe Pet Lice Insect Repellent For Puppy Kitten Treatment 2.5ML

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Universal Cat Dog Tick Flea Killer Stain Odor Remover Effective Natural Safe Pet Lice Insect Repellent For Puppy Kitten Treatment

Package Including
1 x Dog Whisperer Tick & Flea Repellent

Ingredient: Natural herbal extract
Bottle Color: send at random
Size: 5.7*1.5 cm(2.24*0.59 inch)
Capacity: 2.5 ml
Use period: 2 years
Use Method: put aside the hair on the neck, drip it on the skin

Tips: there is a detailed dosage text in our product description, you can read it down. You can also ask us directly.

★ Recommended Dosage :

Kitten dosage:1/5bottle

Weight 2.5kg dosage:1/3bottle

Weight 5kg dosage:1/2bottle

Weight 10kg dosage : 1 bottle

★Break the flea life cycle:

This flea and tick treatment for dogs kills adult fleas plus flea eggs and larvae to stop existing infestations and prevent establishment of new infestations.

★Lasting flea and tick protection:

Lasting flea and tick protection:
It's long-lasting formula is stored in the oil glands of the pet’s skin to give non-stop flea and tick protection for a full 30 days. Frontline flea and tick treatment for dogs works non-stop for a full 30 days. A 3-dose supply lasts for 3 months.

★ Applicable age:

It is suitable for puppies over 2 weeks old and puppies over 8 weeks old.
It can also be used for pregnant and nursing mothers and cats.

★ Instructions of Use:

1, Remove the bottle cap of the drops first, then open the hair behind the pet's neck until the skin is visible, and then use the drops according to the weight of the pet.
2, It is recommended to drip once again every 1 week after the first medication to completely kill newborn fleas.
3, Use it every 1-2 months to ensure the health and hygiene of your pet.

★ Notes:

1, Pets should not bathe or swim within 24 hours after applying the medicine. At the same time, pets should avoid licking or licking the liquid medicine.

2, When applying liquid to multiple pets at the same time, separate them for 2 hours before they can get together.

3, It is forbidden for children to play, and the entrance is forbidden. If you eat it by mistake, send it to the hospital to wash the stomach immediately.

4, This agent cannot be mixed with water, medicated bath and site spraying

5, Use this agent to clean it with soap after manual pollution

6, After using this agent, if pets have adverse reactions, they can be fed with calcium gluconate.

Additional information

Brand Name







natural herbal extract

Bottle Color

send at random



Use period

2 years


cat , dog

Type 1

Dog Flea Tick Killer

Type 2

Flea Treatment for Dogs

Type 3

Flea Killer

Type 4

Pet Flea Lice Insect Killer

Type 5

Flea and Tick Remover

Type 6

Lice Insect Remover

Type 7

Anti-flea Mites Ticks Drops

34 reviews for Universal Cat Dog Tick Flea Killer Stain Odor Remover Effective Safe Pet Lice Insect Repellent For Puppy Kitten Treatment 2.5ML

  1. A***O


  2. L***g

    Looove it i bought it lot of times from the same store thank u

  3. R***o

    I have tried the item before with excellent experience, this last time I ordered 19 bottles and they are obviously different, the liquid color, the bottles very similar but a little gross, and the most important , the boxes HAS NOT the sail hologram, see the pictures, I think these are fake products , watch the top of the bottles

  4. Customer

    Different from other product used before , liquid color no clean and clear , the bottles different, no hologram , no response with explanation, I will sell them but the first bottles will be free because I don’t know if the really work and don’t want complains for the difference. So have to wait to know if they really work. I will inform

  5. Customer

    Different from other stores

  6. V***H

    не рекомендую купляти

  7. L***h

    Delivery: Received it after 10 days which is very fast. The product: the bottles are very little, much smaller than I have expected. My experience: I haven’t tried it yet, I wasn’t sure about the dosage that fits my dog so I visited a vet for consultation, he kindly offered me to buy a this product from a trusted company because he said it might be dangerous to my dog. Obviously the products offered by known companies are much more expensive but when it comes to health I prefer not taking any chances, so I can’t tell if it’s actually good.

  8. B***r

    Arrived early and product works. Will order again. 🙂

  9. F***e


  10. N***n

    Finally came the goods! Oh-oh-oooochen long delivery. I ordered another product from another store-I came in 2 weeks, and this 2.5 months. I already did not expect. I did not check, because during this time I had a cat died and I do not need to. But I’ll give it to my daughter, she has two and a dog. For the fact that oooochen long-lasting parcel-reduced the evaluation.

  11. Н***а

    I haven’t tried it yet.

  12. S***a

    Very good

  13. C***z

    no me llego

  14. R***a

    Everything’s fine.

  15. G***s


  16. N***z

    Excellent Product thank you very much

  17. P***k

    Unfortunately I didn’t receive the item. It took long time until I could open the dispute and get the refund.

  18. Y***k

    Very good liquid. I take the second time The effect of the barrier on the animal about a month, can 4-5 weeks. Good one, I sent it not quickly, but I did not hurry much. Recommend

  19. С***а

    как на фото

  20. M***z

    I don’t know how the product will act. But I can tell that the bottle looks like toy to play the little things or as a keychain. Looks like a tiny toy.

  21. V***r

    Come on time. Not yet used

  22. C***s

    Having them come in individual cardboard packaging gives you some prestige and confidence. I’ll write by saying if they have any effect when the hot-faced bichitos start.

  23. R***i

    The product can only after a testing judge.

  24. A***s


  25. P***y

    Doesn’t really work

  26. M***a

    The parcel did not come. The store approved the order.

  27. T***a

    The order was almost two months, the bottle is small, I still did not use it on cats, as I use, I will add a review

  28. E***r

    Yshov order Duge dovgo, get stuck here, the salesman writing the reviews of the dispute we will return the Groshi, and the delivery of the zruyruy

  29. E***r

    On the Dili did not run, yshov dovgo

  30. 2***r

    3 месяца доставка

  31. S***l


  32. S***n

    I got it, but I did not check how it works.

  33. O***h

    Drops waited 2 months with paid delivery, received at the post office, no notification of arrival received, unused TC went for a long time applied another tool. Packed in plastic bag boxes, instruction in Chinese, worth the shelf life. Instruction for Russian is in the description on the site.

  34. V***a

    The product corresponds to the description, very well packed. Recommend

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