Unlock Superior Vehicle Security with Eunavi 12V Universal Car Auto Remote Central Kit

Unlock Superior Vehicle Security with Eunavi 12V Universal Car Auto Remote Central Kit


In the world of advancing technology, it’s crucial for vehicle owners to leverage this evolution to enhance their vehicle security. One such technological advancement that is taking the market by storm is the Eunavi 12V Universal Car Auto Remote Central Kit. This remarkable product provides a keyless entry system to your car, augmenting its security and contributing to your peace of mind.

Features that Make a Difference

Eunavi’s product doesn’t just provide a keyless entry system but also comes loaded with numerous other features that make it incredibly user-friendly. The central door lock works both electrically and pneumatically, offering customization based on your preferences. One of the standout features is the ability to remotely locate your car, proving highly beneficial in crowded parking lots.

The kit also includes a remote trunk release, allowing you to open your trunk from a distance – a particularly handy feature when you’re approaching your car with hands full of groceries. Along with these, the kit encompasses a rising power window feature, extending the realm of convenience.

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Specifications that Guarantee Performance

The main unit of this central kit operates on a working voltage of DC 12V ± 3V, ensuring optimal performance. The turning light uses 7.5 A x 2, while the central locking works at 10A/433.92. The overall working frequency ranges between 315-316 433.92MHZ.

The remote control operates on DC 12V, with a static current of 0 mA. The compact dimensions of the control box and remote controller make it convenient for the user to handle and operate, ensuring you have a smooth experience.

Unboxing the Package

The package of this central kit is meticulously prepared to include everything you need. You receive 1 control box, 2 remote controllers, and a set of wires for installation. The control box and remote controllers are sleekly designed in classic black, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your car’s interior.

The Verdict

The Eunavi 12V Universal Car Auto Remote Central Kit is transforming the realm of vehicle security with its power-packed features and robust specifications. This kit is a universal fit for any car, making it a hot selling product in the market. If vehicle security is your priority, this product promises to be an ideal choice.

DC 12 V Car Central Lock Kit

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