2023 X6 Handheld Gaming Console

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2023 X6 Handheld Gaming Console

• Vibrant 3.5-inch IPS Display: The newly released X6 handheld gaming console boasts a 3.5-inch IPS display, delivering sharp, colorful visuals for a deep, engaging gaming experience.

• Enhanced Control with Dual Joysticks: Featuring a dual joystick setup, the X6 allows for seamless and precise gameplay, giving gamers an edge in control and interaction.

• Collection of 11 Simulation Games: This console comes pre-loaded with 11 simulation games, providing a variety of fun and engaging gaming adventures for children.

• Compact and Mobile: The X6’s small size and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for on-the-go entertainment, ensuring kids can enjoy their favorite games anywhere.

• The Perfect Gift for Young Gamers: With its array of features and games, the X6 is an outstanding present for children, offering endless hours of gaming enjoyment.

• Supports Multiple Game Formats as a GBA Console: As a Game Boy Advance (GBA) compatible device, the X6 enhances players’ experience by supporting a wide range of game formats.



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Adventure Games

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Handheld Game Players

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English,Simplified Chinese

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Mainland China

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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. 16

    by P***z

    Very good console, some games of SNES from a lagadinha but it is good, Mame and GBA work perfectly. I was still taxed in 40 or so reais. Makes the L de chipped.

  2. 16

    by D***n

    Big big fan of this game council. I love it. It’s perfect. Thank you so much.

  3. 16

    by P***r

    It doesn’t save using the internal save of a game only using snap shot feature. It basically comes with Nintendo, Nintendo Chinese equivalent fc, super Nintendo and Chinese equivalent sfc, mame which is arcade games, Gameboy and color version, GBA. Does not support Atari or Sega games or gamegear. No way to change the emulator like the miyoo mini. you can change out the roms with your own library if you have one. The video player works pretty good. Have not tried the music feature yet assuming it plays MP3. The pdf reader is only a text document reader but works, just copy and paste what you want to read on your PC if using windows as a .txt file and import it to the card. If you want a bigger SD card buy one put it in the system choose the format card option then copy the original using your computer with all the contents on the new card an your done. Carful not to erase the original or you will loose it in case you need it later. The battery is the best feature. Came with stuck pixel

  4. 16

    by J***o

    The system works great for all classic games, I think that game boy advanced offers so many great games to play, but everything else is pointless to me to play another old Mario game that I played when I was 5. But a Nintendo switch already do waste your time in old junky games. So far the game I bought it for works great. But why can’t it play psp games or ps1 games at the very least. I mean come on not even n64 games? Who cares about those though no one cares about n64 games unless you got a switch. So if you wanna play dragon ball a and Pokémon gba games then this system is great. It’s very simple and practical. Sound is good controls are a 4/5 stars. Difficulty rating 5/5 for simplicity.

  5. 16

    by Customer

    The first purchase was for Christmas (3 for the kids). The second order was for the moms (kids won’t share their game console with them). The third order was for me and one 30 year old ‘kid’. I love this game console!! I just have to remember how I used to win at these games..

  6. 16

    by S***r

    love all the features took a little to get used to it has some customization it also gives you the ability to save your progress even if the game doesn’t support it already came with a lots of games installed and still has plenty of room for you to add more can also play music , videos , audiobooks as a calculator and a calendar

  7. 16

    by M***e

    It came! Right on time. Thank you kindly. New York 🗽 It came! Right on time. Thank you kindly. New York 🗽 It came! Right on time. Thank you kindly. New York 🗽 It came! Right on time. Thank you kindly. New York 🗽 It came! Right on time. Thank you kindly. New York 🗽

  8. 16

    by Customer

    Excellent product for the price. Shipped with astonishing speed from the order date. Pre loaded with pretty much anything I’ve been after and then some. Thumb sticks are highly responsive and the display is very vivid. I haven’t yet tried using the video player but if it’s anything like the functionality of the rest of the device, I’m confident that it will definitely also do the job. If you’re looking for a decent on the go emulation device, or even something for your kids to tool around with, it’s been perfect.

  9. 16

    by L***s

    it’s a nice portable console, but if it feels made out of a cheap plastic that I feel, if I drop it, it will break.The interface is a little bit hard to navigate, and some of the emulation stutters while playing, I added Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog from my own rom collection, you can do that if you have a PC, and it’s easy as adding to the right folders. But overall, it is well constructed. The back buttons and the front ones feel good. The analog sticks feel OK. The screen is DEFINITELY not high definition, but it’s clear enough to play most games. I will gift 🎁 this to my nephew, so I hope he likes it, I’m trying to show him what his uncle used to play with when he was 11 like him 🙂

  10. 16

    by R***n

    This is really cool. All I wanted to do was play Pokémon on gameboy and this has the games I grew up playing. Also metal slug. Quality, good. It feels so fragile, but honestly, how tough does it need to be? Are you gonna play it on a roller coaster? Probably not.

  11. 16

    by D***n

    It’s a decent game player and has a ton of games on it. I don’t know how they can sell it for 15 doll hairs. the battery really lasts a long, long time. you select the game platform, then the game you want to play. it can also be used as an mp3 player if you want to.

  12. 16

    by C***s

    This handheld is okay for playing older games and you get a ton from different systems. It’s simple to navigate and select different games, everything I tried ran well enough. The software works and allows save states and custom controls which is great at this price point (I paid around 16 USD). The screen has pretty harsh viewing angles but looks fairly good otherwise. Unfortunately the screen is plastic so it’s going to get scratched easily, mine already has some light scratches. Brightness is good enough for indoors. Controls work, but they’re not the best experience for me. My issues is with the D-pad and A, B, X, Y buttons, they’re quite high (tall) and pretty clicky plus the D-pad will sometimes register diagonal input when I’m just trying to go left, right, up, or down only. Build quality is okay for less than $20, it’s basically entirely plastic and feels cheap. The fit and finish is good though. I’d recommend this if you want something inexpensive.

  13. 16

    by Customer

    The game console arrived in excellent condition and worked straight out of the box. The quality is amazing, and the screen resolution is just perfect for a game of this size. Plus, the shipping was very fast. Top seller.

  14. 16

    by A***z

    Excellent product, good sound, good screen, my only goal was to play fire red Pokémon and I made it.

  15. 16

    by C***n

    Nice little handheld, wish the processor was a little more powerful (lags with some SNES and Genesis games). Plays most GBA, GB and GBC well. Screen is decent for the price and has USB-C charging. No L2 R2 or L3 R3 buttons and you cannot add emulators that are already not built-in. Still, for $20 it’s not bad at all.

  16. 16

    by E***n

    This is a really neat and inexpensive way to enjoy all the games from your childhood. Has all the best games, Can’t believe it’s only $20!

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