99 DSP Effects Mixing Console

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AM-AX Series

LOMEHO Mini 4 Channels Mixing Console Individual +48V 99 DSP Effects Bluetooth USB Computer Play and Record Audio Mixer AM-AX4

Selling Point

   1. Power supply: DC 12V 2A

   2. 4/6 Channel mixing console(2/4 Mono + 1 Stereo with Mono)

   3. Bluetooth function

   4. 99 DSP Effects

   5. USB Play and Record

   6. Computer play and record

   7. Mobile Broadcast (Podcast)

   8. Individual +48V phantom power

   9. -26dB PAD and 80Hz HPF function

   10. Mini, portable

Difference of AM-AX4 and AM-AX6:

AM-AX4: 2 Mono + 1 Stereo

AM-AX6: 4 Mono + 1 Stereo

Power supply

   DC 12V 2A, EU plug

4 Channels

   1). CH1/2/5/6 are Mono channels, CH3/4 is stereo channel

   2). For signal from CH1/2/5/6, L/R of main out will output same signal

   3). For signal from CH3, L of main out will output the signal, R will not output signal

   4). For signal from CH4, R of main out will output the signal. L will not output signal

Common unconnectable input devices

   For these device, mixer can not supply working power, device can not work normal though you use plug adapters

Bluetooth function

   1. Mixer only can accept bluetooth signal, it can not send out bluetooth signal

   2. After pairing, please press down “ST3-4/USB MP3” button, then you can adjust the signal from CH3/4 to main output

99 DSP Effects

   1. Parameter: Choose effect

   2. Program: Adjust parameter

   3. Level: Adjust the output level

Connection with U-Disk

(U-Disk is not included,buyer need buy it by himself)

   1. U-Disk format: FAT32 ( Do not support NTFS)

   2. Play format: MP3, WMA,WAV,FLAC

   3. Record format: MP3

       (Before recording, please copy a song in the U disk, otherwise, the disk may not be possible to record

   4. Sampling frequency: 16 Bit 48KHz

   5. Please press down “ST3-4/USB MP3” button, then you can adjust the signal from CH3/4 to main output

Connection with PC

(USB cable is not included, buyer need buy it by himself)

   1. Computer play

       Buyer downloads music play software, and choose mixer as speaker. Then computer music signal will come into mixer

       Please press down “ST3-4/USB MP3” button, then you can adjust the signal from CH3/4 to main output.

   2. Computer record

       Buyer downloads music record software, choose mixer as microphone. Then mixer signal will come into computer

   3. Please note, you conly can record MONO music


Mobile broadcast (Podcast)

   Please note:Buyer need buy OTG by himself

Individual +48V phantom power

   1. Phantom power is only for XLR socket

   2. You can use +48V condenser microphone and dynamic microphone through XLR socket at same time

   3. Connection with dynamic microphone

       1) We recommend using XLR cable to connect mic to mixer. If you use 6.3 plug,the volume will be small)

       2) please do not power on +48V phantom power, otherwise the power maybe burn the dynamic microphone

   4. Connection with +48V condenser microphone

       1) If your condenser microphone supports +48V, please power on +48V phantom power

       2) If your ocndenser microphone does not supports +48V, you can not use the microphone


PAD Button (26dB)

   It will attenuate the sound input to the device when turn on this switch. You can turn on the switch if you hear the distortion or [PEAK] light is on

HPF Buttoon (80Hz)

   High Pass Filter, cuts bas frequencies below 80Hz

Gain knob

   1. Adjust the input signal level

   2. To get the best balance between the S/N ration and the dynamic range, adjust the gain so that the PEAK indicator only occasionally and briefly on the highest input transients

Peak lightPeak light

   Light will be on when the volume of input and or post-equalizer sound is too high. If it is lit, turn the [Gain] knob to the left to lower the volume

Stereo Pan

   Button is bounced up: [MONO]

   Sound input to channels 1/L or 2/R can be heard from both the right and left speakers. If you use the 1/L or 2/R individually, set the switch to this setting

   Button is pressed down:[STEREO]

   Sound input to channel 1/L can be heard from only the left speaker , and the sound input to channel 2/R can be heard from only the right speaker


   Line input signals : Button is bounced up

   U-disk/bluetooth/pc input signals: Button is pressed down

Headphone volume control

   1. [LEVEL PHONES] Knob can adjust the volume of headphone

   2. [MAIN OUT] fader do not control the volume of the headphone

Stereo 3/4 (L/MONO)

   For connecting to Line-level devices such as an electric keyboard or an audio device

   Channel 3 is a L/Mono channel

     1) Only input signal to channel 3, main output will output CH3's signal to left and right channels

     2) Only input signal channel 4, the main output will output CH4's signal to right channel

     3) Input signals to channels 3/4 at the same time, the main output will output CH3's signal to left channel and CH4's signal to right channel

Packing List

       Audio mixer        1 pc

      Power adapter    1 pc

      Manual                1 pc

Product Size

  AM-AX6 Details

Additional information

Model Number




Brand Name



Mainland China




99 DSP Effects

USB Function

Play and Record

Connect to Computer

Play and Record

Buletooth Function

Smartphone, Mobile Phone


4 Channels/6 Channels

Power Supply

12V DC

Phantom Power

Channel Individual 48V


Singing,Recording, Live Broadcast,Podcast

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by k***r

    Very nice unit ,recording works nice also the headphone out is loud and clear ,the preamps are pretty quiet ,EQ works fine ,one think I don’t like is that main fader effecting headphones volume! over all nicely done, now only time will tell more! Thank you

  2. 04

    by P***e

    Good product I tried it perfect thank you

  3. 04

    by G***t


  4. 04

    by I***u

    Order and was done on 18, on 22 already arrived. I am very happy with the expedition. I haven’t had time to try the device yet.

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