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• Superior Visual Quality: Delight in the enhanced visual experience offered by the BOYHOM R36S with its 3.5-inch IPS display, boasting a resolution of 640×480 to deliver images with remarkable clarity.

• Compact and Mobile: Tailored for entertainment anywhere, this retro handheld gaming device boasts a sleek, compact design and is light enough to carry effortlessly, ensuring your favorite games are always within reach.

• Expansive Storage Option: With 64GB of internal storage, the R36S ensures you have plenty of room for a vast library of video games, ensuring endless hours of enjoyment without the worry of running out of space.

• Global Language Compatibility: Designed with a global user base in mind, the R36S includes Ukrainian language support among others, making it a perfect gaming companion for players across the world.

• Customizable Open Source Platform: The R36S’s open source operating system invites customization and exploration, offering gamers a unique opportunity to tailor their experience and explore a world of limitless gaming potential.



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Retro Game

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Handheld Game Players

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japanese,FRENCH,german,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,English,SWEDISH,POLISH,Greek,Turkish,KOREAN,DUTCH,Latin American Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese Style,Ukrainiaan

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Mainland China

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by Customer

    The film base is enclosed, and one page comes already stuck. The condition is very good and good.

  2. 15

    by R***o

    Fully enjoying the R36S thanks to this store! Wonderfully packaged and received!

  3. 15

    by L***a

    Excellent console, quick response to games, possible to save games and has a gigantic variety of games. Including accepting PS1, PSP and DS

  4. 15

    by A***a

    Arrived well packed, but it doesn’t work, it just turns on the blue light in the middle of the device, but it doesn’t show an image. I will apply for refund.

  5. 15

    by L***e

    Excellent shipment well packed console super good and emulates 64. I recommend the seller! Super fast and good protected shipping.

  6. 15

    by C***C

    Fantastic little handheld for the price. Runs everything well. PSP and N64 struggle a bit, but still playable. everything else runs great. It’s worth the price for sure. I highly recommend it.

  7. 15

    by G***i

    Purple looks really good. its solid device, comes with one 64 sd card. lots of games on lots of systems. try to get new good quality sd card. and get everything there.

  8. 15

    by G***e

    Product as per description Came well packed, with USB cable to charge and even film to be installed on the screen. I haven’t used much yet, as it has just arrived, but there are many games, the quality of the buttons is good and the sound is quality. Recommend!

  9. 15

    by Customer

    Fast shipping! All set up and ready to play with thousands of games. Everything is mapped to the correct buttons and it’s a clean ArkOS build. Highly recommended budget gaming device that can play all the classics up to and above Sony PlayStation. Check out my review on Yourrrrr Toob! @OGTechNick

  10. 15

    by Customer

    This thing is pretty cool! I haven’t had any SD card issues but I’ve only had it for about a week so hard to say, some games don’t work entirely and some require tinkering to get to run. I don’t get the hate for the buttons they are fine to me the joysticks even feel premium to me but this is my first retro handheld so nothing to compare to, out the box this thing is amazing and the potential only goes up if your willing to update firmware and potentially add more games if the stock 15000 wasn’t enough lol

  11. 15

    by K***s

    Great value for the price just like the R35s. Face button placement is a lot better. The buttons still take effort to be pressed but the dpad is a bit softer. The interior “cracks” seem to be more of manufacturing issue but it doesn’t affect performance. The bottom part of the screen doesn’t seem as secure as the top. It makes crunchy noises when pressed down. Don’t expect perfect higher end emulation, it is manageable though. I will be flashing the rg351mp on mine.

  12. 15

    by J***e

    This thing is awesome. High quality feel and weight. Screen is very bright and resolution is great. Loaded with more games than you could reasonably ever play, and every game I’ve tried so far works great. I haven’t tried loading my own roms on it yet but it uses Emulation Station as the frontend so adding roms and making changes should be easy. Sound from the mono speaker is accurate and loud if you want it to be. I haven’t tried the headphones yet. The D-pad is a little stiff and the buttons are a little small for my taste, but those are small compromises I can live with for the price I paid. I highly recommend this little emulation machine. I’m extremely pleased with it.

  13. 15

    by d***s

    Arrived well packed. The product is as described. The screen is perfect. Is working normally without problems. Just one Small detail on the button to where the painting is not 100%. But it does not hinder fun at all because it is just an aesthetic detail.

  14. 15

    by R***I

    works good enough, was able to plug ethernet in and update to the latest os version and games run pretty good on it and the fn button works now too.

  15. 15

    by a***n

    Arrived superfast works perfectly looks great. The speaker is three out of five stars the display is five stars and all the controls work perfectly it also arrives with a C type cable to charge the consul the consul comes already charged so you can test it or play it when it arrives

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